Cable Bite

9.8 Cable Bite Cable Accessory REVIEW


  • Made well from durable material
  • Well-detailed design of figure
  • Easy to install


  • Priced a little high for what it is
Ease of Use

A truly unique accessory with a fun purpose.

I really like writing about technology. It’s forever changing and evolving to new levels and showing what we as humans can imagine with our brains. I’ve had the opportunity to work on reviews for products that were designed (in part) by NASA engineers and to me, that’s just amazing. It’s something I thought I would never do. So, on one end of the spectrum, you have NASA engineers and on the other, you have fun, toy-like accessories like this Cable Bite, which helps to protect and decorate your standard charging cables.

Cable Bite Cable Accessory REVIEW


The actual Cable Bite is made from ATBC-PVC or PVC, a synthetic resin material that is often times used for action figures and keychains. There are many different styles of Cable Bite and depending on the style, the material might differ slightly. Cable Bite is designed to work with the Apple Lightning connector. According to the Cable Bite website, you can use it with other cables, but it might not fit as well. There are several different varieties of Cable Bite. I have one design that came from the Vol. 1 collection, but they also offer Vol. 2, Vol. 3, Okinawa Limited, Ultra Monster, Sesame Street, Dragon Ball Super, ONEPIECE, Gintama, Shin/Godzilla, and Glow Cable Bites.

User Experience

The Cable Bite comes in a simple plastic/cardboard backing package. You can clearly see the design of the Cable Bite through the clear plastic cover. Cable Bite did a nice job of designing this packaging in my opinion because you can not only see the product, but you can also see its use. There are product details included on the back, but it’s all written in Japanese so I’m not sure what it says.

Cable Bite Cable Accessory REVIEW

The Cable Bite has a soft silicone feel to it. and is only about an inch long. To install it, you flip the figure over so that its stomach area is exposed and fit the cable along the opening. From here, you simply press the cable down into the Cable Bite so that it pops into place. I found that it’s a little easier to get it to install if you pry open one end before trying to run the cable through the figure. I was able to use it with both a Lightning and Micro USB cable. I think the trick is to make sure that the plug end of the cable is not too large.

Cable Bite Cable Accessory REVIEW


While it is a cute accessory, the Cable Bite actually does serve a purpose. Standard cables are prone to wear and tear with frequent use and the Cable Bite prevents the plug end of a cable from bending too often. Even though it’s a simple product, I actually really enjoy having the Cable Bite available. It keeps things interesting.

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