The Butterfly Attack brings interactivity to the graphic novel.

In 1988, a film called, “Big,” was released starring Tom Hanks. In the movie, the main character, 12 year-old Josh Baskin, is magically transformed into an adult overnight. In order to survive, adult Josh takes a job at a toy company and eventually pitches an idea to take graphic novels into the next decade by including a computer chip that allows readers to choose how the story turns out. Now, in 2014, with the advent of tablet PCs and advanced smartphones, the choose your own adventure graphic novels are a reality.

butterflyattack1Bastei Entertainment unveiled The Butterfly Attack for iOS on May 15, 2014. The Butterfly Attack is an interactive graphic novel written by award-winning British novelist and screenplay writer, M. Sean Coleman. The Butterfly Attack is only one part of the Netwars Project, a cross-platform, fact-based, multimedia experience that uses fictional characters to explore the very real threat of digital warfare in today’s technologically driven society. The Butterfly Attack it the first in a series of three apps that coincide with a web series, television documentary and a collection of eBook and audiobooks that make up Netwars.

The Butterfly Attack is a very cool app. I’ve seen some other graphic novel apps, but the fact that this one is part of a larger series of media makes it something special. Some of the unique features of Butterfly Attack include unique animations, sound effects, intuitive controls and revolutionary 3D parallax technology with motion sensors for unlocking hidden artifacts.

butterflyattack2I love that the Butterfly Attack features the parallax effect made popular by the release of iOS 7. It adds something extra that a lot of apps, let alone graphic novels, don’t take advantage of. The visuals are absolutely stunning and I love how interactive the app is. The controls acts they would if you were turning a page in a physical graphic novel – swipe left to advance, swipe right to back-up – and the sound effects/music don’t intrude on the story; they add to it.

The app does a good job of both focusing on the graphic novel and providing additional information on the Netwars project. I can highly recommend this app to graphic novel fans and technology fans alike. It’s a remarkable piece of technology with a fun storyline.

Episode One of The Butterfly Attack is available for $2.99 with the other two episodes scheduled to be released later this summer.

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