Samsung rang in the New Year with an earlier than expected rollout of the Samsung Galaxy S21 range. This past Friday, the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra were widely released with sleek form factors, including redesigned rear camera housings and Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus™ front screens.  To see how the new phones handle wear and tear, Allstate Protection Plans have put the phones through their Breakability Drop Tests including face-down, side-down, and back-down drop tests.

Allstate Protection Plans, serviced by SquareTrade, an Allstate company, is a highly rated protection plan provider trusted by millions of customers for its fast and efficient service. Our plans are available for mobile devices, electronics, appliances, furniture, and other consumer products at major retailers and carriers across North America and Europe. Now, Allstate Phone Protection Plus is also available through Allstate agencies. In December 2020, Allstate Protection Plans released the results of a study that looked at the common causes of smartphone damage, along with consumers’ attitudes toward repairing and replacing their phones. It found that while Americans believe only 43% of smartphone owners have had an accident that required repair, 61% have actually had damage that needed repairs.

In the past year, damaged screens (45%) led the list of most common types of smartphone damage. With the new Samsung Galaxy S21 product line, Allstate Protection Plans found that the durability of the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, and Galaxy S21 Ultra was unchanged compared to predecessors when dropped face-down (despite the Gorilla Glass screens). However, their camera housing durability was greatly improved when dropped back-down.   

  • Face-Down Drop Test: When dropped six feet onto the sidewalk, all three Galaxy S21 phones were damaged. The Galaxy S21 fared the best, with a cracked screen and raised glass. The screen of the Galaxy S21+ cracked, loosened, and malfunctioned. The Galaxy S21 Ultra, the largest phone in the range, suffered the most damage and could not be used after one drop.
  • Back-Down Drop Test: The Galaxy S21, which has a polycarbonate rather than a glass back, held its own in the back-down drop test and had only minor cosmetic damage—even after being dropped twice. The Galaxy S21+ and Galaxy S21 Ultra, which have glass rear panels, both shattered after one drop. However, the new “Contour Cut” metal rear camera housings on all three phones were intact, and their cameras were fully operational.

The durability of all three Galaxy S21 rear camera housings is a noted improvement over its predecessors. So is the durability of the smaller Galaxy S21 model’s polycarbonate rear panel. Considering that 140 million Americans have previously damaged a smartphone, according to a recent Allstate Protection Plans survey, this should be welcome news.

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