Brainful tests your reflexes and patience with a colorful, intriguing game.

I don’t really consider myself a ‘gamer’. I like games, but I don’t use my phone or iPad as a gaming machine. The few games that are lucky enough to find themselves a part of my app library are ones that have stood the test of time with me and they are ones that I keep coming back to time and time again. So, when I am introduced to a new endless runner or puzzle game, I am left wondering, “Will this one make the cut?” I found myself asking this question once again today when I downloaded Brainful, a creative brain teaser game for iOS.

Brainful was developed by The One Pixel, creators of the App Store featured Color Magnet and Super Flip Game, and was designed to be a brain teaser that actually stimulates your brain. It’s designed to test your reflexes, memory, and power of association and it does so with a mind-boggling color, number, and symbol sequence. The game features two game modes — Stepper and Endless. Stepper is designed to provide the user with a progressive introduction to the game. There are 18 levels to complete — three levels for each recognition method. Each level (easy, medium, and hard) increases in difficulty by adding more steps to the level. The Endless mode continues without end until you get a progression wrong. The goal is to beat your high score.

Brainful iOS App REVIEW Brainful iOS App REVIEW

Brainful is a very colorful, simple, clean app to look at. The concept is very intriguing and I’ve never really seen anything like it. I realize that up until now, I’ve been very vague about the mechanism of the game. On the Stepper mode, you start with the Colors method on Easy. Before you start the level you will see a screen that says:

Each of the buttons below represents the column they’re in.
Always remember the button you tap, it indicates which column to select next.

Brainful iOS App REVIEW

So, when you start the level the first button you see is the color pink. Pink is the first column. So, the next button you tap is in the pink column. Whatever color it is — in this case, yellow — that is the next column you move to. This is how you progress through the level until you beat all the steps. If you miss a step or tap the incorrect button, you have to start the level over again. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, your brain plays tricks on you because you see the column color and the button color at the same time so you get easily confused. Fortunately, there is no timer so you can take your time to tap the correct column.

As you move to the different methods — arrows, numbers, letters, dice, and negation — you will have those methods added into the level. Trust me, it gets complicated. I did find, however, that the more I played, the more my brain became relaxed and the more I was able to move easily through the levels. You can easily become distracted and when you do, you may have to start retraining your brain again. I mostly played the Stepper mode, but did try the Endless one as well and found that it was nearly impossible for me to get further than about 10 steps.

Brainful iOS App REVIEW Brainful iOS App REVIEW

Brainful is free to download and play, but there are ads. The ads pop up after you play for a few levels and they can really throw you off your game. You can, of course, eliminate the ads by paying to remove them. The cost is $1.99 and you also get color customizations along with that. It’s a one-time fee, but for me, I’d rather just play the free version. There are some games that put an ad up every 30 seconds. Brainful isn’t that bad and they don’t have the ads plastered all over the screen while you play.

Brainful isn’t a bad game. I enjoyed playing it, but don’t think it will be one that I keep on my app shelf.

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