Actionproof delivers an multi-purpose watch charging stand with Bozon.

Bozon Apple Watch Stand ReviewLet me begin by stating that CES 2016 was amazing!   There were numerous unveils, numerous product launches for 2016.  Not only did the show have general showrooms with numerous booths, they had events that were invite/ticket only.  These were the events I enjoyed the most, as they tended to be more personal and allowed for better discussion with the vendors.  It was during one of these events, CES “Digital Experience Beach Blowout” (Pepcom), that I was introduced to a company I knew little about, Actionproof.  During this event, they were unveiling their Bozon, “the Apple Watch’s best friend.” This is their latest launch for 2016 and joins the ranks of their Apple Watch bumper line and silicone cases line. You can check out their offerings on their website at, where you can get a feel for their Apple accessories, which are built to last.

Bozon Apple Watch Stand ReviewI recently changed the band on my Apple Watch, from the included black sports band, to a metal stainless link band with a butterfly closure.  This was designed to be similar to the Apple Watch Link band.  I love the band but charging solutions are not easy to find for this band system, due to weight and inability bracelet style.  I have since changed yet again to my new favorite case/bezel protector/water proof case CATALYST (  I did not realize how these  changes would affect my ability to charge the watch, until after the change was made.  With so many different bands for the Apple Watch, and a few different closure options, it becomes difficult to find a single charging solution that works for me.  Whether you use the nomad pod or pod pro (much better with a watch that can lie flat), a charging dock station (flat or circular depending on style of base), you will often need to make a decision about the orientation of your watch.  You often will not be given the option of nightstand mode with many of these bases either.

Bozon Apple Watch Stand ReviewEnter Actionproof, with their new Apple Watch charging option the Bozon.  This black silicone option allows the watch to be charged in both horizontal or vertical position.  It eliminates the need to charge flat as just about any of the band styles (except link style, due to weight) can be  used on this device.  It supports both the 42″ and 38″ watch sizes and you can interact with your watch easily, in nightstand mode.  I am a fan of the wide base, the silicone composition is dense enough to provide grip and soft enough to protect the watch.  I have had many close calls with scratches from other bases.  This silicone device (shaped like those typical back massagers) will not scratch your device.

The best feature of the device is the cable management on the inside of the Bozon.  This really is ingenious.  While making the device lighter (yet no less supportive), they created a cavity that nicely holds the Apple Watch charging cable.  I have tested numerous bases, docks, etc. that have had either sharp angles or other poorly thought out cable management systems.  This system allows for the cable to be as long or short as you need it to be.   You really are only limited by the length of the cable itself.  I like the design, it looks like a small octopus with only 3 legs.

This device is well made and would be an asset to the bedside table of any Apple Watch lover. It appears to be competition to apples latest Apple Magnetic charging dock, which allows flat or side charging. Although awesome, I cannot see spending $79.00 for this charging device.  The Apple device is cool by the way, and I was able to evaluate it in the Apple Store inside of the Forum Gift Shops at Caesars Palace.

Bozon Apple Watch Stand Review Bozon Apple Watch Stand Review Bozon Apple Watch Stand Review

The Bozon device currently retails for $39.99 and is available through and through their website at  The only real limitation is the link bracelet style is not recommended based on weight.  I would rate this at 4.5/5 stars based on price, quality and it only loses a half point for non link style bracelet watches. If this truly was a universal charging system, it would muster a full 5/5. Perhaps a mildly wider base would allow charging of the heavier system in both vertical and horizontal modes?  Lastly, you may ask yourself, why would I need this?  To which I answer, why would you not?

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