BoxLock’s contactless delivery solution reduces unnecessary interaction between individual and delivery driver; ensures safe, secure and reliable delivery of critical medicines

In an effort to support communities most impacted by COVID-19, BoxLock today announced it will provide its secure, unattended delivery solution at no cost to at-risk individuals in need of specialty medication home deliveries.

BoxLock will commit at least 500 smart padlocks and boxes to this initiative and will make its shipper and carrier solutions available at no cost for the next four months. The padlock and box bundle retails for $240.

“These are unprecedented times, and we realized that we’re uniquely positioned to help those most in need,” said Brad Ruffkess, CEO and Founder of BoxLock. “With social distancing playing a crucial role in the containment of the spread of COVID-19, nearly 1 million delivery drivers are on the roads in the U.S. making an average of 120 stops per day. Approximately 1% of Americans are currently on specialty medications and nearly 3% of adults have a weakened immune system. Contactless, secure delivery will eliminate the interaction between the individual and driver while ensuring that these high-risk households get their treatments and other crucial supplies reliably.”

BoxLock’s shipper and carrier solutions give companies the additional chain of custody information — such as proof of secure delivery and proof of retrieval — that they’d normally receive from a signature, but without the need for the unnecessary interaction.

Delivery drivers simply press a button on BoxLock to scan the package’s existing barcode tracking number. BoxLock instantaneously connects to the internet, verifying the correct recipient and confirming the package’s delivery status. Only packages to that correct destination and out for delivery that day will unlock BoxLock, which generates a notification that gives owners real-time updates.

Individuals can register for the program by signing up on the company’s website. After initial registration, BoxLock will follow-up with instructions on how to qualify. The qualification process will require a form of ID and a doctor’s note, acknowledging that participants meet the list of qualifying conditions.


BoxLock’s secure package delivery technology solution is now protecting thousands of deliveries made by UPS, USPS, FedEx, and Amazon to homes and businesses across the U.S. BoxLock are addressing a growing problem as more than 1.7 million packages are lost or stolen each day, and 2020 estimates project an $89 billion global loss to carriers for parcels not delivered on the first try. BoxLock’s package delivery lock is the only nationally available smart solution to protect deliveries made by all major carriers.

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