Perfect, precise sound and no wires.

Bowers & Wilkins P5 Wireless Headphones Review 3Let me start this out by stating that I’m hard of hearing. I miss out on lots of sounds  like birds singing and the beeping of a seatbelt alarm. Even though it’s quite horrible missing out on some sounds around me, I’ve gotten used to this over the years. That being said, I’m a bit more critical on headphones when I review them. I’m always looking for something that’s going to give me crisp clean sound so I don’t miss sounds in the music. Headphones have to produce a great sound to make me hear noises that I normally can’t. The P5 Wireless headphones by Bowers & Wilkins do just that.

The P5 Wireless headphones are built on the same design as the original P5 headphones, but without the wires. These headphones are designed with one purpose in mind – creating great sound. When I placed them on my head for the first time after pairing to my iPhone the first song played wowed me. My mouth dropped to the floor and I was in total awe.

Bowers & Wilkins P5 Wireless Headphones Review 4These headphones are designed to work like a Hi-Fi speaker and deliver sound through the Bluetooth aptX codec. This allows for the transmission of CD quality audio over Bluetooth, which is the highest level of wireless audio possible through Bluetooth. It has precise, controlled movement and provides the best, most pristine sound possible. It comes equipped with a three-button control to let you pause, skip, and accept phone calls. The headphones have a 17-hour battery life when fully charged and they only weigh 213g (the iPhone 6 Plus weighs 172g). Bowers & Wilkins even includes a beautiful, quilted carrying pouch for these extraordinary headphones.

Bowers & Wilkins P5 Wireless Headphones Review 5The design is stunning and I’ve never really seen anything quite like these the P5 Wireless. When I first held them, I was surprised at how lightweight they were and how soft the leather earpiece covering is. These are honestly the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever used. Some over the ear headphones have caused me to have periodic headaches when I use them for long periods of time. I am ecstatic to say that I have not experienced any headaches from using the P5 Wireless headphones. They are a remarkable design and the comfort level really sells them for me.

Bowers & Wilkins P5 Wireless Headphones Review 6

One of the highlights of these headphones the removable ear pads. They are magnetic and easily taken apart so you can plug in an auxiliary cable if you need to. This comes in handy when the battery dies and you are unable to charge them right away. The removable ear pad is also convenient should you need to replace them.

Another wonderful feature of these headphones is the calling option. As previously mentioned, you can answer calls using the ergonomically designed multi-function button. There are also two microphones included in the headphone’s structure. I did make phone calls while testing these out and the person on the other end had no idea that I wasn’t talking directly through my phone.

Bowers & Wilkins P5 Wireless Headphones Review 7Another feature that I really can’t talk enough about is the connection to devices. With most Bluetooth devices, I run into a problem where I can’t have more than one device connected at a time. For example, if I connect headphones to my iPhone and then want to connect them to my iPad, I usually have to ‘forget’ the headphones on the iPhone before they will successfully pair and stream audio from the iPad. It’s an annoyance that I have put up with until now. The P5 Wireless headphones don’t give me that same issue. I can connect and disconnect easily using the multi-function button and have not had a Bluetooth competing problem once since using these headphones.

While the price might be considered ‘premium,’ I believe that they are well worth the cost. There are other headphones in the market that cost just as much, but don’t offer the sound quality of the P5 Wireless headphones.

I have used these pretty heavily while testing and really fallen in love with them. I have two very high quality over the ear headphones that I thought were exceptional, but they can’t really compete with the P5 Wireless headphones. The P5 Wireless headphones are luxury sound and brilliant style in one package.

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