Bouncing Ball provides an enjoyable, but repetitive game.

Bouncing Ball 2 iOS Game REVIEWDeveloper Ketchapp seems to have an inexhaustible supply of simple smartphone games to catch your attention. Now there’s Bouncing Ball 2, a difficult game by most accounts where you tap the screen to bounce a ball off increasingly small platforms, avoid spikes, collect diamonds, and not fall to your death. It is a very simple game with just enough variation as you progress to keep it interesting. As I said before, some platforms have spikes that you have to avoid. The platforms vary in size and height as you go. The diamonds are dispersed at odd intervals. Also, the power of your next bounce depends on where you hit on the platform. In the center, you get more height and distance*, whereas bouncing off the edge of a platform gives you less motion. If you hit the platform centers four times in a row, you get a bonus.

Favorite things: it is ridiculously simple. Anyone can understand the concept and controls immediately and just start playing. The extra balls you can unlock with collected diamonds (gathered by bouncing on them in game, watching additional advertisement videos, and just randomly) are cute. My favorite so far is the lemon you get if you like Ketchapp on Facebook, but I’m hoping I unlock the cat or bee soon.

Bouncing Ball 2 iOS Game REVIEWLeast favorite things: ads, of course. I understand that they are necessary for free applications. The ones across the bottom of the screen are fine, sure they refresh mid-game and sometimes cause it to skip or lag, but that’s bearable. The option to watch ads between games is fine. The ads that pop up after you die, also fine. But I’m bad enough at this game without having ads taking over the screen mid-bounce. And then you accidentally tap the add because you had a kind of rhythm going with your bounces, and you have to exit out of the app store and go back and get back into the Bouncing Ball groove. It’s a bit frustrating, to say the least.

Overall, Bouncing Ball 2 is entertaining, though its playability seems a bit limited due to its repetitive nature. There’s enough variance to keep it interesting for a bit, but I feel like it’ll get old fast. But if you’re looking for something simple, yet a little challengingly frustrating, I’d recommend checking it out.

*Note: Hitting the center of a platform is also supposed to make a sound so that you make music as you play. I played the game entirely without sound.

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