Sleeve does a nice job of protecting the iPad Pro.

BoriYuan Leather iPad Pro Sleeve Review 2For the past several days, I’ve best working with the Apple iPad Pro, the newest addition to the Apple family. It’s always interesting working with a product right when it comes out because there are usually very few accessories that are available to go with it right out of the gate. The same is true for the iPad Pro. Apple is actually scheduled to release the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard as pairings for the iPad Pro, but those haven’t even made it to market yet. Fortunately, there are some third party companies out there that saw this as an opportunity and are seizing it. One such company is BoriYang. I’ve been testing out their Leather iPad Pro Sleeve for the past couple of days and am very excited to discuss my experience.

First of all, I have to point out that this was a test unit sent to me for the purpose of reviewing alongside the iPad Pro and it arrived the same day the iPad was released for sale. That was great planning in my opinion.

BoriYuan Leather iPad Pro Sleeve Review 3My first impressions of the sleeve were very good. Initially, I felt like this case was designed with the professional in mind. The case is made from a soft synthetic leather exterior with a microfiber cloth interior. Because the sleeve is made specifically for the iPad Pro, it contours its lines perfectly. The sleeve has a great clean look and it gives you a sleek alternative for protecting your iPad Pro when you’re going from place to place.

Because the sleeve has a lovely leather look to it, it fits right into any business situation. In addition to the main interior pocket for the iPad, there is also an outside pocket on the back of the sleeve and a small pocket just under the flap that is just big enough for a few business cards. I really like this feature because it adds one more level of professionalism in my opinion.

BoriYuan Leather iPad Pro Sleeve Review 4As nice as the design is, I have a concern about whether it will wear well after long-term use. In my past experiences, I’ve found that faux leather – even ‘good’ faux leather – tends to fall apart quickly. I have another concern about the magnetic closure. The outer flap closes with a couple of small magnets and while they hold very well, they seem a bit loose. They haven’t slipped out of place yet, but they move easily and that’s a bit concerning.

All in all, this is a very nice carrying case for the iPad Pro. It’s got a great style to it and even though I have a few small concerns about the long-term wear and tear on the sleeve, it’s doing a very nice job right of protecting the tablet. For the price, it’s one of the more affordable options for carrying the your new iPad Pro.