Slimpack great as an upgrade for DSLR camera users.

Earlier this year, I started carrying my DSLR with me more frequently. I use my iPhone a lot as a primary camera – especially when I’m on the go – but I found that my DSLR just packs a heftier punch. The biggest advantage one has with a DSLR over a mobile phone camera is the ability to swap out lenses to change up the type of shot you want to achieve. Mobile phone lenses have made a lot of progress within the past couple of years, but they haven’t quite caught up to what DSLR lenses can do. Trying to stay mobile when you have all the ‘right’ equipment can be hard and that’s why I found that a good camera backpack is as essential as the right lenses when planning a job. So I spent a lot of time researching different types of camera bags and came across the Booq Slimpack.

Booq Slimpack Camera Bag REVIEW

The Booq Slimpack is designed to be compact, but have ample storage for all your camera accessories. With it, you can carry up to two DSLRs, a large zoom lens, tripod, and even a small laptop, or tablet. There are Velcro dividers set within the roomy main compartment that allows you to adjust for your specific equipment. There is also a top-access camera compartment that gives you quick, easy access to your main camera. The bag is made out of water-repellent material (Bionic Yarn, a blend of cotton and recycled PET) and even has a ballistic nylon bottom so that it can stand on its end. The Slimpack weighs a little over 3 pounds and is very sturdy.

Booq Slimpack Camera Bag REVIEW

Before the Booq Slimpack, I had a small backpack for my camera. I found that I was quickly growing out of it as I expanded my accessories and lens attachments. That’s why I really started researching for a new bag and ended up finding the Slimpack. As a backpack, it’s of average size. There are definitely larger ones out there, but I’ve never seen one of its size that was a strongly made. I love how versatile it is. Since the main compartment has adjustable Velcro dividers, the bag is customizable for every user. The padding included in the Slimpack is impressive. I would probably rate the bag as a semi-hard shell. It’s rigid and retains its shape no matter what you put in it. I really appreciate this for the protection that it provides for my camera and its accessories. I especially like the interior sleeve for the laptop/tablet. It’s got a soft, fleece-lined interior that protects the exterior of your device from scratches.

Booq Slimpack Camera Bag REVIEW

The top compartment is very easy access for whatever you decide to keep in it. The description suggests large headphones, but I like it for my DSLR body with smaller lens option on it. If you are out and about and see a photo opportunity you can sling the bag off to the side and grab your camera out of the top without having to open anything else in your bag. The side pockets are great for smaller accessories like cables and batteries.

The Booq Slimpack is a great option for an on-the-go camera bag. It wears well, has a soft, padded mesh back for comfort, and it’s durable. I like it as a professional as well as a personal option for camera storage and transport. The only limitation of this bag is that you can only add so much to your camera package before having to upgrade to a larger bag. Still, this is a great upgrade from a single DSLR backpack.

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