Bookworm Heroes for iOS brings fighting to the word game.

As a fan of word games and the original Bookworm, I didn’t hesitate to download Bookworm Heroes. Thinking it would be similar to the original game, I was surprised to find and entirely different concept.

bookwormheroes-screenshotBookwork Heroes takes the original word game and adds an element of combat. You start by choosing to play a random combatant or a friend from Facebook. I chose to play a random user. The game play looks similar to a fighting game, but includes a letter board. It’s a pretty exciting revamp to an already fun game.

The two things I don’t like about it are 1) that it’s turn-based and you can continue playing until your opponent makes a move and 2) that in order to advance past a certain point, you will eventually have to purchase an ‘in-app’ purchase, which most of you probably know by now, are one of my pet peeves.

Bookworm Heroes is free to download and I do recommened it to anyone who enjoys word games. I would love to see the developer add an option for continuous play against a bot, but am happy with the game play for now.