BookBook is the ultimate carrying case for the iPad Air 2.

Twelve South has always been a favorite product designer of mine. They make unique products that are very functional in both design and use. A few years ago they came out with the BookBook case for iPhone and it was instantly a hit with many people. I even used one for a long time and I typically don’t use cases. Recently, Twelve South introduced the BookBook for iPad Air 2 along with one made exclusively for the iPad Mini 4.

The BookBook has a lot going for it. First of all, it’s a handmade leather case that includes built-in viewing and typing stands. The case is designed to allow you to have full function of your iPad without removing it. Your camera, sensors, and connectors are all accessible even while inside the case. While the BookBook is available in different colors for other Apple products, it is currently only available in Vintage Brown for the iPad Air 2. It has two hardback covers and a reinforced spine that provide impact protection. One thing I want to note is that because the case is made out of leather, it is easily scratched. By design, the hand craftsmanship causes some distressing, but don’t be alarmed if some scratching occurs. It simply adds character.

BookBook for iPad Air 2 Review, Unique Way to Protect Your Device

BookBook for iPad Air 2 is contoured specially for the body of the iPad Air 2. It fits like a glove. Because it’s high-quality leather, it is a little bit of a tight fit the first time you slide the iPad into place, but after that, it’s much easier to take it in and out of the case. The inside of the case is lined with a very soft, microfiber that covers the entire inside. This helps to protect the delicate finish of the iPad and its screen.

The BookBook has a zippered closure that are accented with leather pulls. This is a wonderful feature because it is an added layer of protection. I’ve used many cases where the iPad literally slips out of the case because there is nothing securely closing the case. The zipper opens and closes easily and I’ve not had any issues with it sticking.

BookBook for iPad Air 2 Review, Unique Way to Protect Your Device

BookBook for iPad Air 2 includes two stands – a typing stand and a display or viewing stand. I mentioned this above, but I’d like to take a closer look now. The typing stand is a pretty typical stand and measures only about an inch wide. It is tucked beneath the interior support frame and is ready to be flipped out for easy typing at a moments notice. I personally like typing stands of this nature because they are there when you need them, but out of the way when you don’t. The second stand is the viewing stand. This stand is actually built into the frame support of the case itself. To use it, unsnap the iPad interior sleeve and fold the cover so that it supports the iPad. It’s been great for watching videos and podcasts. It’s a very natural feeling angle for viewing media on the iPad.

One great feature the BookBook has that I’ve not seen on other cases is the snap buttons on the inside. Most cases that wrap around the iPad like the BookBook does use Velcro to hold the tablet in place. This has actually always bothered me because I feel like Velcro could wear out at any time causing the iPad to drop out of the case. With these snap buttons, you feel that it’s secure. And it doesn’t come out of place until you pull them apart.

BookBook for iPad Air 2 Review, Unique Way to Protect Your Device

Besides the gorgeous design of this case and all it’s wonderful functionality, the BookBook provides yet another feature that most people aren’t going to consider. Because it looks like a book, and actually feels like a hardback, leather-covered book, your iPad becomes incognito and looks just like a book. Let’s say you go to a coffee shop or library to get some studying done, but you leave your iPad on the table you are working from. If it’s inside a BookBook, passersby are less likely to take notice of it than if it were sitting out as an iPad, or even in a case that makes it still look like a mobile tablet. While it may sound just like a sales tactic, Twelve South actually reports on their website that the BookBook case has been a theft deterrent and thieves leave it behind because they don’t know what it is.

BookBook for iPad Air 2 Review, Unique Way to Protect Your Device

I’ve been using the BookBook for a couple of weeks now and couldn’t be happier with it. It is a stylish, unique case that provides superior protection along with functionality. It’s really been an incredible case. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next from Twelve South.

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