Book Book rolls wallet and iPhone case into one.

TwelveSouth-BookBook2Among other things, I am a book nerd. I love the look and feel of books and the experience you get when you read one. That being said, it’s no surprise that when I found the Book Book by Twelve South, I fell in love.

I’ve always been the type to keep my Apple devices covered by a case. Call me overprotective, but I just don’t like the idea of tossing my phone into my purse and pulling it out covered in scratches. I’d rather have it covered by a nice case, like the Book Book.


The Book Book is a case and a wallet in one stylish iPhone covering. The Book Book is available for the iPhone 4/4S and the iPhone 5/5S. It has three color options – Classic Black, Vintage Brown and Ledger Brown. I chose the Vintage Brown because it most mimicked a classic book cover, in my opinion.

The Book Book is constructed with handmade, genuine leather. The wallet side of the case includes three pockets for credit cards and one for a photo ID. The phone is encased by a frame that holds the iPhone securely in place without it damaging the sides. There is a built-in camera hole for quick capture of photographs or video. One other thing that is really quite cool is that since the Book Book is designed to look like a journal, it adds an extra level of security since it doesn’t look like an expensive phone or wallet when sitting on a table.

twelvesouth-bookbook2 (copy)The first time I saw the Book Book was on Twelve South’s website. I had been researching other products they had and saw the stunning case. I loved the details of it and was drawn to it because it looked like a book. My favorite part is that it has an actual spine. On the spine, it says “Book Book” where the title would be. It even has a volume number towards the bottom where a volume number would be on a book. That was the first time I saw it online.

When I had the chance to actually test one out, I was equally impressed by its functionality. The phone, as described above, snaps into a frame that is made from hard plastic. I took it back out and found that the frame did not leave any marks. I even shook the case to see if there was any movement from the phone. I am happy to say there was none.

TwelveSouth-BookBook6After loading the iPhone into the Book Book, I took a few pictures with it. There have been some cases that intrude into the camera or the flash making it difficult to take good pictures or video. Luckily, that is not the case with the Book Book. It allows users to take beautiful photographs while the phone is still in the case.

I did notice that when the Book Book was laid onto a flat surface, the wallet side would pop up a bit. this was remedied when I placed my driver’s license, debit card, Sam’s membership card and movie theater rewards card. The extra weight from just a few cards was enough to keep it closed. I did think it would be a nice touch to include the option of an elastic wrap around like some journals have.


There is also a pocket behind the ID area for an additional card or cash to be held. I found that putting too much into the wallet made the Book Book a bit unwieldy. Again, this was easily fixed when I limited the amount of cash I was keeping in it.

The Book Book is very sturdy. I’ve throughly tested it over the past month and found that tossing it into my purse, carrying it in my back or front pocket in my pants, or just in hand don’t have much of an effect on wear and tear. Because the color I got is the vintage  brown, the leather is distressed and will scratch up, but that only adds to the charm and does not cause any damage to the iPhone.

TwelveSouth-BookBook5It can be a bit awkward speaking on the phone. Because the case is flexible, you can fold the cover around so that you can hold the phone up to your ear, but it’s a little hard answering a call quickly or in the car. I did find that if you have a Bluetooth headset, this quickly becomes a non-issue.

I really can’t say enough good about this little beauty. It’s everything I’ve wanted from an iPhone case. My favorite thing about the Book Book is that it gives me the convince of ‘grab and go’ when I run errands. I don’t have to take my purse everywhere.

The Book Book is available through Twelve South or Apple for $59.99.

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