Activity case can hold its own.

In my opinion, the best part of working out is the gear. Granted, it’s not something I’m extremely consistent with but I do love the part of getting together all the intricate gear needed to make it more convenient. I like to keep my phone on my person at all times and when running or going out for a walk I throw it in my pocket or wear a small messenger bag. If you’ve done that before you know that a lot of workout clothes don’t have pockets and you run the risk of it falling out, which it has. Messenger bags are my least favorite because it tends to just bounce around as I move and they aren’t that comfortable in this situation. Bodyguardz TRAINR PRO case with the removable armband is the sensible approach to keeping your phone on you and protected.

BODYGUARDZ TRAINR PRO iPhone 6S Plus/7 Plus Case/Armband REVIEW

There are certain things about the case alone that made me a fan. I gravitate towards my folio style case because of nursing and needing to keep cards on me. However, for just regular use the Bodyguardz TRAINR PRO case is perfect. The case is the simple snap in place style however the material it is made out of is thick and sturdy. The packaging states that there are three layers that combine to provide extra protection and by the feel of it I would agree that it’s made very well. The color that is dominant in this case is gray with a teal accent (one of my favorite color combinations). The back is transparent which allows the rose gold of my iPhone Plus 7 to show through. The armband is made of a soft stretchable material with a velcro closure. It’s made so the case can snap on and you can wear it on your arm without it slipping around.

BODYGUARDZ TRAINR PRO iPhone 6S Plus/7 Plus Case/Armband REVIEW

The case snapped on my phone with ease and I really like how it fit flush with my glass screen protector. Usually, there’s a nice size gap between the screen protector and cases but this one fit perfectly. The buttons on the phone work fine without any sticking. The case feels like it would be very protective if I were to drop it. Bodyguardz TRAINR pro case comes with unequal, which is a shock absorbing compose to protect the device from impact. They also say that the drop rate on the case is 10 feet. Connecting my phone to the armband at first give a little struggle by aligning it up and snapping it in. Takes a little bit of muscle strength.

BODYGUARDZ TRAINR PRO iPhone 6S Plus/7 Plus Case/Armband REVIEW

The fabric from the strap is so smooth and once my phone is strapped on doesn’t cause me any discomfort. I tested to see how well the strap holds on by swinging my arm very fast and I’m happy to say it stayed put. I also didn’t have to have in uncomfortably tight to get that to be that way either. I also tested the strength of the armbands snap to the phone by pushing around my phone to see if it would pop out and it didn’t. Taking it off is actually pretty tough but the easiest way I found was while trying to remove the armband holder let the case come off as well.

BODYGUARDZ TRAINR PRO iPhone 6S Plus/7 Plus Case/Armband REVIEW

Overall I did not drop my phone at any point while hooked up to my arm. I also kept putting it together and taking the phone back out to see if it would loosen it up to where it could possibly be less effective and it passed that test. After all the times I’ve done it, it hooks back in with the same amount of force. So this phone case and armband are definitely going to last with heavy protection for a long time. Also with the phone case being great itself, you don’t have to look at it as just an activity case, it can hold it’s own.

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