BodyGuardz Pure iPhone Screen Protector is chemically strengthened tempered glass that protects from daily accidents

I’ve never been a screen protecter kind of person. Maybe it’s because how aggravated they would make me when I try to get them on straight, or maybe it’s from them peeling off or the distorted look at my screen I would get when buying the cheap ones. BodyGuardz has been around since 2002 and I have never given them a try. While at CES a few weeks ago, I visited their booth and was offered to test their protecter on my iPhone. I accepted their offer and the rep installed it on my iPhone 6s Plus.

BodyGuardz Pure iPhone Screen Protector Review

The first thing I noticed was how she installed it on my iPhone. They use what’s called Express Align technology to line up the screen protector with your device. It’s actually a clear plastic tray that has the screen protector stored in it until you are ready to install it on your device. It was something glorious and something most people would not think is amazing. It was for someone like me who hates the thought of trying to install a screen protector and it’s designed to reduce the anxiety felt by people who are trying to install a tempered glass screen protector on their phone or tablet. To see the Express Align in action, view the video below. 

BodyGuardz is in my option expensive. It retails for $44.95 for a slice of glass to cover the screen of your iPhone. Since, your iPhone is expensive as well, it makes sense to protect it. So, with the Pure protecting your phone from impact and scratches, then the investment is worth it. Coming from someone who has never been able to leave a screen protecter on his iPhone, it’s saying a lot that the BodyGuardz has been on my iPhone since CES. I was told that I would not notice it on my iPhone and within a few hours It truly disappears from your thoughts.

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