BodyGuardz Pure and the Crown Review:

BodyGuardz Pure and the Crown Review 3Generally speaking, I am not a big fan of screen protectors that are not integrated into wrap around case that offers complete protection for my device. This is more of a lifestyle issue for me since I live on a farm and my phone often finds itself in dangerous situations. So I was not too excited to review the BodyGuardz Pure + The Crown screen guard because for my needs, I knew that a screen guard only would not provide enough protection.

That disclaimer out of the way, I can say that I am very impressed by this product. For people wanting protection for the back and sides of their iPhone 6 Plus, this solution will not be a good fit, but for those looking for protection of the screen and the bonus of protection of the “crown” or top rim of your phones, then BodyGuardz definitely has you covered.

BodyGuardz Pure and the Crown Review 4The first thing that impressed me about this protector is the packaging. The product is well protected while it makes it’s way to your door and the box has a unique step system that literally walks you through applying the screen protector to your device. I found this to be very helpful and it all but insures that the screen protector will not end up misaligned on your phone (another thing I usually hate about screen protectors).

BodyGuardz Pure and the Crown Review 5Once installed, I was horrified when I noticed several large air bubbles under the screen protector. I went back to the packaging where I found a nice little note that these would go away in within 24 hours (they did) and a soft cloth for cleaning the screen and for working out any additional smaller air bubbles.

The thing that really makes this screen protector stand out is the addition of the aluminum crown that protects the metal rim of the top of your phone, but it also gives the screen protector a complete and polished look that does not diminish the beauty of the iPhone 6 Plus design. This is important to me, because one thing I hate about my rural lifestyle is my constant need for thicker cases that often make my iPhone much larger or ugly looking.

BodyGuardz Pure and the Crown Review 6BodyGuardz Pure + The Crown is an excellent solution for anyone looking to protect the screen and top rim of their iPhone 6 Plus, while also maintaining the style of their device.

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