Stand offers unique, flexible way to charge the Apple Watch.

Bobine Watch Stand Review 3Since I’ve received my Apple Watch, I’ve had the pleasure of testing out several different types of stands. I have found them all useful and they all seem to have the same basic function – charging via the Apple Watch charging puck cable. Most recently, I’ve been able to test out the Bobine Watch by Fuse Chicken.

The Bobine Watch, like the Bobine or Bobine Auto, is a flexible, gooseneck style charging stand. This stand is built specifically to work with the Apple Watch and its existing charging cable from Apple. Bobine Watch is 24 inches in length and comes with stabilization clips for use in the car. It’s purpose to be flexible and to help you charge your Apple Watch anywhere you go. It will not only stand on its own as a stand, but it will also wrap around other objects to provide you a handy way to charge and hold your Apple Watch.

Bobine Watch Stand Review 4When I started playing around with this stand, I did find it a bit difficult to twist. That is only because the gooseneck is so strong – it’s not a bad thing. I found it to be useful it has the ability to fit into awkward places. It’s a very unique, stylish accessory and I’m excited to have it on my desk. A lot of people at work stop by and ask me about it since it’s got a one of a kind style.

Once I had the Bobine Watch in a position I liked, I routed my charging cable through it. Unfortunately, the Bobine Watch doesn’t offer much in the way of cable management assistance. You can creatively wrap the cable around the gooseneck to keep it from becoming tangled, but Fuse Chicken did not provide any cable wraps for the gooseneck or any channel for the cable to rest in. I would love to see an additional accessory offered for this purpose in the future.

Bobine Watch Stand Review 5Bobine Watch is extremely well-made. The quality of the pieces used to make it are top-notch and I really wouldn’t have any problems recommending it based off of that. It’s got a unique style and is very different from other stands I’ve used. It’s great for situations where you need to be flexible and a plain old stand won’t work.

One other nifty feature I want to mention is how it can be used in the car. Fuse Chicken includes some stabilization clips so that you can use the Bobine Watch in the car. I find this to be very helpful because most standard watch stands would have no hope of working in a car. This one does.

Bobine Watch Stand Review 6This is a very unique sturdy stand that is sure to turn heads. It’s reasonably priced and built with superior elements.

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