Blur allows you to send images privately, allowing the recipient to choose when to view it.

Unless you downloaded the Beta, iOS 10 has been available to you for just about 24 hours.  If you have not downloaded the 1.1 GB update, I highly encourage you to complete the download. According to Apple, this is the largest download/biggest update so far.  With the update comes enhancements to SIRI, to messages, to photos, maps, to notifications and functionality in general.  Now you can utilize Applications, stickers and effects inside of iMessages.  Blur from KeepSafe Software, Inc. is one of those features that you can now utilize.

The app Blur is free to download and available in  the iTunes App Store.   The purpose of this app is to allow you to send photos to others in a blurred manner.  They can then choose to see the image and it will return to a blurred state.  The photos will remain blurred until you choose to evaluate them, they do not save to camera roll, they cannot be forwarded.  Short of taking a screenshot, the picture is supposed to remain private.  As the sender, you can choose a time period that the picture is available, to be seen, and then the picture is unavailable.  This reminds me of the secret spy movies, where the note “will self-destruct in x seconds.” The recipient must have the blur app as well if you desire to send them a blurred image.  “Send photos in iMessage without worrying that they will pop up on the other person’s screens.”

Blur iOS App REVIEW Send photos privately in iMessage Blur iOS App REVIEW Send photos privately in iMessage

Once you download the app, you really do not need to do anything else.  While in iMessage, type your message and then press the arrow to the left of the text block.  This will allow you to select the camera, heart sensor, and applications.  From there, you can press the 4 circles and open up a list of all of the iMessage capable apps.  Or, you can swipe from right to left and move between the different app screens.  You will see a raindrop and blur at the top of the pictures.  You can swipe up and select the picture of your choice.  If you select the green circle with the white check mark, it will send a blurred image to the recipient.  If you choose the bomb icon, it will send a blurred image with a 10-second timer.  The person only has 10 seconds to see the image once they select it.  When the time is up, you will see the pixelated blurred image with a text box noting “Image Expired.”

Blur iOS App REVIEW Send photos privately in iMessage Blur iOS App REVIEW Send photos privately in iMessage

It does not appear that you can change the 10-second clock.  You cannot look at it for <10 seconds and get out and then look at it again.  This is essentially a one-time look, the clock expires regardless if you are in the image or not.  The app is neat but is very dependent on the fact that the other person has to have iOS 10 and the app also.  This is an easy way to pass hidden information/images, which I suppose could be used for fun or malicious intent.  The app does add utility to iMessages.  For some, this may be a really fun add-on.  Personally, I have no images on my phone, nor do I have friends who would send images, that I would be afraid to share openly at church.  The app is easy to use and was free to download.  The features are very limited.  Why can you not change the amount of time before the image is unavailable?  Why can you not choose to allow a certain number of views with unlimited time?  I would rate this application at 3/5 based on limitation.  Remember, you must have an iOS device, specifically with iOS 10 installed and both parties must have Blur.


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