Blumoo simplifies your life by eliminating remote clutter.

I lose everything. Whether it is a big or small device, important or not, I lose it. I generally spend about an hour a day looking for something I misplaced in a hurry. One of the most common things I lose is remote controls. With all of the different streaming boxes, televisions, and speakers that I have strewn about my house I am constantly looking for a remote and more times than not I will find a previously misplaced remote that does me absolutely no good at that given time. There are a plethora of universal remotes out there that only do a select few devices and the ones that do seem to support multiple devices don’t usually work that well. Just in my living room, I have five different remotes for various devices. I’ve searched for the perfect solution for quite some time with no satisfaction.

Blumoo Smart Universal Remote Control takes away a big chunk of this headache. The one item I can always keep track of is my iPhone. It’s my lifeline and always at my side or in my pocket at the ready. So, why not use the iPhone to control a wide variety of devices at once? While there are stand alone remote control apps that work with a specific device over wifi or Bluetooth, and the few apps that require a piece of bulky hardware plugged into the iPhone, none of them can do what the Blumoo does.

blumoo Smart Universal Remote Control REVIEW

Blumoo let’s you put all of your remotes away safely in a drawer. While looking at the box I was quite perplexed wondering how hard the initial set up was going to be. I was pleasantly surprised that it comes with a simple instruction book of just getting set up, how to set the hardware up, and a link to the app that does the rest for you. Upon opening the box it was nice to see minimal hardware. With just a power cable, RCA cable, and the Blumoo home base, set up was quite simple. Plug the power cord into the wall (while leaving extra cable to allow the home base to move around for set-up) and in to the home base. Plug the included RCA cables to your stereo and the hardware set-up is done. The instructions show only three steps, and if this was installation, then I’m hooked. The home base is an IR blaster meaning that it just scatters an IR signal all over the room until it meets the receiver of your intended device to control.

Once the hardware is hooked up you simply go to the App Store and download the free app.  It does state for Apple products that it’s iPhone only so if you’re in installing your iPad you have to make sure to search for the iPhone app. This step is where all the fun begins. Like most universal remotes out there, there are manufacturing brand-name codes that have to be entered. Fortunately, with Blumoo, they are all included in the app. Programming is as easy as clicking on the pertinent code for each device I’m using. I no longer enter them manually or worry about the hassle of memorizing them.

blumoo Smart Universal Remote Control REVIEW

Now for each individual device, it is recommended that while you’re searching for the code and cycling the power on and off in their app, the Blumoo home base should be easily movable to face directly at your IR receiver on your devices. I tried leaving the Blumoo where I was going to keep it on my TV stand and during initial set up, but that was not such a great idea as it definitely needs a direct line of sight to be effective. After setting up my TV, surround sound, Roku player, and Apple TV, I placed the home base in the middle of my TV stand so I would have optimal placement while still leaving it out in the open unobstructed.

The best feature of the Bluemoo for me is that on a lot a universal remote’s and universal remote apps you get a few buttons here and there I don’t seem to do anything and sometimes there’s a button that you need that simply isn’t there. Well with Blumoo you can add your own buttons and remove buttons that you won’t need all the while be able to customize the button layout to your personal preferences. Another handy feature is that other people in the household can configure their phone to the Blumoo with their personal preferences as well. For those with cable boxes like DirecTV, you can create favorite channel buttons directly in the app making life so much simpler. You also have access to a TV guide that you can customize any way that you want it and set up different filters by genres. While the standard remote that comes with your cable box will do this it’s so much easier to have everything all built into your phone

blumoo Smart Universal Remote Control REVIEW

The Bluemoo also has the capability to stream music from your phone or any other connected device to whatever speaker system you have hooked up. It does more than just your standard music app. It will play other streaming services such as Pandora or SoundCloud and pretty much anything like that.

After just a short time of using Blumoo, I honestly don’t know what I’ve been doing this whole time without it in my life. My coffee table is uncluttered from all of the remote controls and I don’t have to go searching for any of them. I can’t wait to see what devices I’ll be able to hook up as they come out.

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