Unique Bluetooth LED Colored Speaker can go anywhere.

I have multiple issues with my Samsung phone. One of them is the battery that I constantly complain about, and the other is that the audio output on my phone is not very well. I try to keep my phone plugged in so that the battery doesn’t wear itself down while I’m listening to Pandora, but the quality is so bad that it sounds like static cling coming out of the dryer. It operates with any iPhone, iPad, HTC, Samsung, laptops and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Colored LED Bluetooth Speaker REVIEW

That all changed with this Hip-Hop LED Colorful Portable Lights Bluetooth Speaker. The device itself is about 9 inches tall and 2 inches in circumference and it connects using Bluetooth 4.0 technology. The quality of the music output is extremely satisfying. I can sit at my desk and do my work while listening to whatever kind of music is going to put me in a relaxed, concentrated state of mind.

If someone should call me while I’m listening to the music, the speaker has a microphone where I can just answer the phone and talk to the person calling me through the speaker, and I can hear what the other person is saying coming out of the speaker. I can still use both hands to type, and I don’t have to answer, switch to speaker phone and then put down the phone again. It’s an automatic function.

Colored LED Bluetooth Speaker REVIEW

The display lights are also change able. If you want a swirling rainbow, or dancing lights, or elevating different colors, or a solid orange beam there are a total of 6 kinds of music pulsating LED visual display modes.

Connecting your phone to the speaker is super easy. All you have to do is turn on the speaker and turn on your phone’s Bluetooth capabilities. You select the speaker and off you go. Easy.

On the speaker itself, you can change to the next song on your MP3 list, or go back to the previous one, turn the volume up or down, pause or un-pause the song, and change the light display. And you can take this thing everywhere.

Colored LED Bluetooth Speaker REVIEW

Tired of riding your bicycle with earphones getting tangled up? Put this speaker in your bike’s water bottle holder. Do the speakers in your car sound scratchy? Put this speaker in your car’s cup holder! Camping for the weekend? Does your backpack have a spot for drinks? Because that’s exactly where this speaker can go! Amazing!

Overall I was extremely impressed with this little speaker. It does everything I need it to do and it entertains me while I’m talking to customers.