Two magical devices that help eliminate cable clutter.

When you have a small desk space, you want to have as little clutter as possible. That can be increasingly difficult when you are using devices that require cables and those cables are strewn across your desk. Fortunately, I’ve learned that there are some really neat options out there for controlling unruly cables. Two of those specialized accessories are from Bluelounge — the Cableyoyo and Cablebox.

The Cablebox is a very innovative device that provides users a sleek place to store their cables beneath their desk. Designed to work with power strips and surge protectors, the Cablebox is made from high-density, flame-retardant plastic. It’s very easy to install your existing power strip into the Cablebox. There are cutouts on each side of the box that allows for cables to pass through seamlessly. So you can simply lift your existing power strip or surge protector and lower it down into the Cablebox.

Bluelounge Special Edition Cableyoyo and CableBox REVIEW

The box comes with 10 cable twist ties to help straighten and organize your cables. Even though some office areas come with soft, plush carpet, others do not. For the latter, Bluelounge has provided rubber feet on the bottom of the Cablebox to ensure that it doesn’t slip and slide on flat surfaces. The box measures 16 x 6.25 x 5.375 inches and will blend in nicely with most home or office decor.

The Cablebox is honestly one of those products that you don’t think you need until you have it. For years, people have labored under the delusion that you simply have to leave your unsightly power strips out in the open. The Cablebox hides the mess and once you have it, you won’t know how you lived without it for so long. A couple of years ago, we purchased our first Cablebox. Within a few weeks, we acquired a second one. We don’t have them all over the house, but definitely, put them to good use.

Bluelounge Special Edition Cableyoyo and CableBox REVIEW Bluelounge Special Edition Cableyoyo and CableBox REVIEW

Even though you can use them to hide power strips in plain sight, you can also use them just to keep your cables organized. For example, we have our two Cableboxes stored inside of our networking cabinet. They keep all the power adapters and excess cabling tucked away so that when we have to reconfigure anything or restart our router, we aren’t fighting bundles of cables.

Bluelounge Special Edition Cableyoyo and CableBox REVIEW
The Cableyoyo is designed to give you a safe place to store your wired earbuds. It’s a cord spool with a magnetic center that keeps your earbud wires wrapped up and tangle-free. This will also work with an Apple Lightning cable. The spool coils your earbuds so that they are ready for action the next time you want to use them. The unique feature of this device is the magnet in the center. The magnet pulls the earpieces toward the center so that they don’t twist and tangle when in transit from place to place. Wrapping up your cable is very easy with Cableyoyo.

Bluelounge Special Edition Cableyoyo and CableBox REVIEW

Here is a description from Bluelounge’s website of How-To wrap your earbuds.

There are tons of different ways you can coil your earbuds, but most suggest that you tie or wind a portion of the cable around the rest of the slack making it easy to split, break or damage your earbuds.

With Cableyoyo, you simply coil the cable slack around the spool and use the magnet force in the middle of the spindle to attract the dangling earbuds. Simple as that, you have an earbud carrying case, damage free.

When you’re ready to use your earbuds, just place your finger in the middle of the yo-yo and pull. Your earphones will release and be ready to use on the spot.

Bluelounge Special Edition Cableyoyo and CableBox REVIEW

The Cableyoyo is another daily companion of mind. Even though I tend to use my Apple Airpods quite a bit these days, I still have my yo-yo stowed away in my laptop bag with my wired earbuds in case the Airpods run out of battery power. It’s a tough little device and it’s a very welcome accessory to my laptop’s entourage. And yes, you can use it for a standard cable coil, but certain cables won’t work well due to their girth. The Apple cables are a bit thinner than some others so you need to be mindful of what style of cable you are choosing to wrap up.

What’s New
I’ve mentioned that I’ve used both of these products for a couple of years now and if you are a consistent reader of MacSources, you will have seen both of these products reviewed in the past. So, why post a new review now? The answer is simple. Bluelounge has released some new, vibrant color options for both products and because they are such outstanding partners in the cable management game, we felt that both products deserved another look.

Bluelounge Special Edition Cableyoyo and CableBox REVIEW

The Cablebox is still available in it’s original Black and White colors, but now features a bright Midnight Blue and striking Light Sage as color options. And, the Cableyoyo now comes in five color options: Dark Grey, Light Grey, Lime Green, Blue/Gold Magnet, and Black/Gold Magnet. The interesting thing about these color options is that they compliment each other. I have the Midnight Blue Cablebox and Blue/Gold Magnet version of the Cableyoyo and they basically match. Bluelounge has effectively given us, the users, the option to color coordinate our accessories.

Both the Cablebox and Cableyoyo are phenomenal products. Since I’ve been using both for quite some time, I can vouch for their stability and strength as products. The new colors make these a slam dunk as far as being unique. I do need to note that as of writing this article, the new colors for the Cableyoyo are ‘Special Edition’ releases so they are only available on a limited basis.

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