Cableyoyo provides very simple, elegant portable cable management.

Bluelounge, a company known for its innovative accessories, is celebrating their 10th year as an exhibitor this year with the re-launch of the Cableyoyo, the first product they ever showcased at CES. The first Cableyoyo was square in shape and allowed users to wrap any cable up to 5mm in diameter around its inner spool. This made it possible for users to take their cables with them in an ultra-thin storage container. It packed easily into narrow pockets of laptop bags, or even pockets. As an extra special #tbt, Bluelounge has completely redesigned the product and made a very sleek, modern circular cable management pod. Plus, it has a magnetic center that is designed to attract earbuds so they stay in one place.

Bluelounge Cableyoyo Review

Bluelounge has become one of my favorite companies to work with. Their products are solid and creatively designed. The Cableyoyo 10th Anniversary edition is no exception. It comes in three different colors – Dark Grey, Light Grey or Lime Green – and I was able to take a look at each color choice. The Cableyoyo makes it very easy to simply wrap your cable around it and enclose it with a soft silicone flap. The packaging is simple made to be hung from a retail rack. The paper wrapper comes off easily and then you are free to use the Cableyoyo. The colors are quite vibrant and I love the modern style that Cableyoyo has.

Bluelounge Cableyoyo Review

I happened to receive a brand new corded Micro USB cable around the same time as the Cableyoyo. So, I decided to make the two a pair. At first, I wasn’t sure if the corded cable, which is a little thicker than standard cables would fit, but it ended up working like a charm. The cable wrapped around the spool easily and when I needed to use the cable, I was able to pull out both ends without unraveling the entire cable from yoyo. One of the big pluses was that I was able to slip the Cableyoyo into a small exterior pocket in my purse and go about my day. I am actually an ideal type to test out this sort of product because I’m constantly grabbing full-sized cables and shoving them in my bag. This makes my carry-all much more organized.

Bluelounge Cableyoyo Review

Cableyoyo is a great product to carry with you everywhere. It’s got a great design and function to it. I am excited to have one included in my daily carry-all bag. Cableyoyo is available at a suggested retail price of $9.95 from Bluelounge.

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Bluelounge Celebrates A Decade of Brilliant Design By Introducing New Cableyoyo at CES 2016 

Bluelounge puts a modern spin on an old favorite with the updated Cableyoyo

(January 7, 2016 – Pasadena, Calif.) – In celebration of Bluelounge’s tenth Anniversary, the company is rereleasing an updated version of its first product, Cableyoyo.  Over a decade ago, Dominic Symons, Creative Director and Founder of Bluelounge set out to design solutions for everyday problems focusing on how to rid spaces of unruly cables, thus creating the original Cableyoyo.

Bluelounge launched the original Cableyoyo at CES 2006, amongst some of the biggest brands in the industry, helping the young company carve its niche as the cable management category leader consumers know today.

“Ten years ago, we arrived at CES with a single product, in a tiny booth on the outskirts of what is now the iLounge,” said Symons.  “We are so proud of how far we’ve come – today we celebrate not only our tenth year at the show, but ten years designing solutions that really resonate with consumers and make their lives easier.”

The new Cableyoyo can be used with both earbuds and small charging cables.  The updated design features a soft, pocket-friendly silicone material and includes a magnetic center specifically designed to attract earbuds keeping them tidy and tangle-free.

Cableyoyo is easy to use; simply wind cable slack around the yoyo and the magnet will attract the earbuds to keep them neatly nestled at the center of the spindle.  To release, place a finger at the center of the yoyo and pull to have earbuds handy and ready to rock.