CableBin makes cable management look good.

So, let’s say you’re setting up your ‘ultimate’ office complete with killer lighting effects and a sublime audio system. The problem is that you have so many wires — despite all the wireless devices you own — that cable management becomes a real nightmare. While there are cable channels that conduit that you can run to hide the wires themselves, what do you do with the actual power strip or backup? A few years ago, we reviewed the CableBox by Bluelounge. Bluelounge has become one of my absolute favorite companies for cable management needs. They create unique solutions for this classic problem and they always do it with flair. So, when I started reworking our home office and needed a solution for hiding a very large power strip, I looked back to Bluelounge and found the CableBin.

Bluelounge CableBin Cable Storage REVIEW

The CableBin is a classy tool for cable management. It is designed to look similar to a garbage can with a wood veneer. With this design, you can easily set it next to your desk, which is a great space saver, and your cables are still hidden in plain sight. The thing I like so much about this product is that you can use it anywhere. Even though I have it planned for a space in my office, I also found a good place for it in my living room. And, the design of it is so classic that you can use it with any home decor.

Now, even though it can easily fit in anywhere, because of its size, you still need to plan for it. The bin measures 10.25 x 15.5 inches and because it’s round, it won’t just slide in somewhere if you haven’t planned for it. The bin comes packaged with six self-adhesive hooks so that you can organize the interior of the bin and hang your power strip and even smaller connected devices like wireless routers inside the bin. Cables can be accessed through a cable outlet on the side of the bin or through a small outlet in the lid. What’s really cool is that you can even store small devices on the lid while they are charging.

Bluelounge CableBin Cable Storage REVIEW

Anyone who has tried to store power strips before know that they can conduct some heat. Bluelounge designed the CableBin to be flame retardant so that you can have peace of mind that your cables are stored safely. Set up is really very simple. You can organize your cables however you would like to. You can either just drop your power strip inside the CableBin or tack it up neatly with the provided hooks. It’s your choice. I chose to simply drop the tangled mess of a power strip into the bin just to tidy up the living room. You can see from the photos below.

Bluelounge CableBin Cable Storage REVIEW Bluelounge CableBin Cable Storage REVIEW

While I love the style of the CableBin and what it’s supposed to do, I don’t really like that cables are still visible in the end because they have to stretch out to their respective products. You can easily turn the CableBin so that the cables aren’t visible to the general public, but I think I’d rather see the cables come out from one module like on a desk rather than the large slit in the side of the can.

All in all, the CableBin is a very nice option for hiding the nasty mess that can be caused by power strips. I really love how it looks in our living room and hope to add another one to our household as soon as we can.

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