Lark-Wi Running Kickstarter Campaign for BLUEGUARD-E, A Highly Secure Smart Lock Solution That is Accessible to Everyone

Lark-Wi Inc., a leading provider of smart home solutions, launched a Kickstarter fundraising campaign in December for BLUEGUARD-E, a smart lock that transforms a smartphone or mobile device into a digital key, providing simple, affordable and real-time control over home access from anywhere in the world.

NEWS: BLUEGUARD-E Hits the Market with Security in MindThe BLUEGUARD-E smart lock attaches easily to any door and connects via Bluetooth and a mobile app to a user’s smartphone, tablet or other access devices to open or lock the door with a single touch from anywhere.

BLUEGUARD’s unique features include:

  • An intelligent, patent-pending smart latch sensor that detects any deadbolt lock latch position and informs users each time their door is securely locked, even recording mechanical key activities
  • The world’s first smart LED light bulb hub, which acts as a Wi-Fi bridge that connects to the BLUEGUARD-E smart lock, enabling users to enter and light their homes quickly upon entering from anywhere in the world
  • Uses existing and market-proven locks, rather than designing the locks from scratch like others, to exceed traditional lock security standards and bring users this smart home technology at an extremely low price
  • Certified by ANSI and utilizes 2048 bit RSA encryption, the standard bank-level data transmission, for the highest level security for your home
  • Tested against other leading smart locks by Changhong Research Labs’ white hat security penetration testing team, BLUEGUARD-E was selected as the safest against Bluetooth attacks
  • A Bluetooth remote control fob to unlock the door, ideal for kids or users without smartphones
  • Manage and issue electronic keys through the app to grant home access to friends, family members and neighbors without a complicated app download or registration process for visitors
  • One-time use electronic keys so users can schedule and grant keyless access to their homes for a set period of time
  • Integrates with Presence Security’s cloud-connected sensors that detect motion, temperature, water, humidity and touch so users can turn their house into a smart home within minutes.

The BLUEGUARD app connects with and monitors the smart lock, sending notifications directly to a smartphone or mobile device so users are always aware who is entering or leaving their home. The app can be used to interact with the smart lock and gain access to the house. Users can simply touch the unlock button in the app from their smartphone or also unlock the door with a Bluetooth fob, perfect for anyone without a smartphone.

“BLUEGUARD harnesses the power of a mobile device and real-time alert system to provide users easy home access and monitoring and most importantly, peace of mind,” said Jinjun Li, CTO of Lark-Wi. “What makes BLUEGUARD-E unique is its robust protection against cyberattacks and its affordable price. Measured against other leading brand smart locks, BLUEGUARD received the highest security rating in Changhong Research Labs’ white hat security tests. Because we added an IoT chip to an existing lock, we are able to bring you the BLUEGUARD smart lock for a price that is even lower than most non-smart locks. This security solution addresses the cybersecurity shortcomings of other smart locks and will change the way you live.”

Compatible with Android and iOS, BLUEGUARD-E is available for purchase for $89. To contribute to the Kickstarter campaign, view campaign perks and learn more about BLUEGUARD, please visit

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