Remove odors and purify the air with one device.

Earlier this week, I came home from work to find that dinner was on the stove and everyone was moving around with evening activities. Walking in the door from outside, I could smell something that was foreign to our home environment. I couldn’t quite place what the smell was but it was similar to rotten food. I smelled around the kitchen, discovered that the things being made for dinner were fine, but the odor was getting stronger. Finally, I picked up the cast-iron frying pan that was being warmed up to cook some pork chops and found the culprit — a burned up pot holder. Fortunately, it did not start a fire, but it did cause an awful lot of toxic fumes in our house.

We quickly opened windows and doors and everyone that was able to, isolated themselves away from the source of the smell. I stayed behind with a carbon face mask in order to clean up the melted pot holder. Even after the smoking element had been terminated, the pungent aroma lingered, especially in the kitchen. Another fortunate circumstance for us was that we had recently received the Blue Pure 411 air purifier from Blueair. The device is designed to remove harmful air particles and unwelcome odors from a small room (approx. 161 sqft). As it turns out, this incident became the perfect test case for the air purifier.

Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier by Blueair REVIEW


The Blue Pure 411 is designed for 360º air intake for maximum Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR). According to Blueair, here are the CADR for this particular air purifier.

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)
Smoke 105 cfm (cubic feet per minute)
Dust 120 cfm
Pollen 120 cfm

According to Blueair, the air purifier should capture 99% of harmful particles (up to 2.5pm) and should reduce odors. The Blue Pure 411 comes in 5 different colors — Diva Blue, Dark Shadow, Buff Yellow, Crystal Pink, and Lunar Rock. It’s quite large (16.7x8x8 inches) and so it requires some planning in order make sure that it has adequate space. It weighs 3.35lbs and only consumes 1.5-10w. The Blue Pure 411 is designed to be quiet and should only have a sound level of 17-46 dB. There are no electronic sensors or an on/off timer, but the device will indicate when it needs a filter replacement.

User Experience

As I mentioned above, the first step in my air purification process was to remove the problem that was causing the stench. Once it was neutralized, I moved the Blue Pure 411 into the vicinity of the smell. Set up of the Blue Air 411 is very simple. You just plug it into power and let it work. There are three LEDs on the top that indicate which power setting it is turned on — one light is low, two is medium, and three is high. Out of the box, the air purifier was set to low — we turned that up to high due to the circumstances.

Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier by Blueair REVIEW

I did not take an air quality reading prior to starting the air purifier, but I can say that within about 20 minutes the odors decreased probably by about 20%. We did also have the window in the kitchen open and the vent fan running, but those two things alone did not seem to work against the odor. It wasn’t until we plugged in the Blue Air 411 that we really started noticing a difference.

On this particular night, we had an appointment away from our house so we unplugged the air purifier before we left, but I would actually feel comfortable leaving it plugged in for long periods of time. It doesn’t put out a lot — or any — heat and it’s very quiet.

Aside from the personal experience I had with the toxic smoke, I did run two separate tests on the Blue Pure 411. The first was a sound test. I have an app on my phone that tests decibel levels of the sound it detects through my phone’s microphone. I was actually quite surprised by the results. There is very little difference between using the purifier on its lowest setting and with it turned off completely. According to the specs from Blueair, it should register about 17 dB on low, but I only had about 2 dB added (on average) to the room noise where I was testing the air purifier. Here is a complete list of the readings I took.

Environment Decibel Level
Air Purifier Turned Off AVG: 38 dB
Air Purifier Set to Low AVG: 40 dB
Air Purifier Set to Medium AVG: 51 dB
Air Purifier Set to High AVG: 59 dB

Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier by Blueair REVIEW

The second test I ran was actually an air quality test. For this test, I isolated one of our bedrooms by closing the door and setting an air quality sensor inside. This sensor tests Carbon Dioxide (eCO2) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) elements in the air and provides a numeric rating (PPM). The air quality sensor also tests temperature and humidity. I have included the readings before I ran the air purifier and after it had been running for approximately 90 minutes.

Air Quality Temp/Hum
 2:02 p.m.  552  68º F, 65%
 3:03 p.m.  518  68º F, 65%
 3:25 p.m.  464  68º F, 65%

After running this test, I noticed the Blue Pure 411 really doesn’t have an effect on temperature or humidity, but it does reduce the number of harmful air particles in a space. The particular space I used is approximately 100 sqft in size and over the 83 minutes when the air purifier was running, the number of harmful elements was reduced by 88 PPM. That’s a 16% reduction. I thought this was a great validation for the device.

Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier by Blueair REVIEW


Even though it’s not very easy to hide, the Blue Pure 411 is a nice addition to smaller rooms. It does help to eliminate harmful air particulates and does so in a quiet, efficient manner. I would recommend this for homes where someone with COPD or asthma might live as the cleared air might help benefit their conditions. Otherwise, it’s good to have on-hand for those times when something is melted to a burner.

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