Bloki Stand for iPhone 6 Review

Bloki Stand for iPhone 6 Review 3

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There are a lot of different stands out there to hold your iPhone 6. There are desk stands that let let you keep an eye on your phone screen while you work and other types of stands that are designed more for a home entertainment type of setting.

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The Bloki Stand could be used in both of these situations, but it is likely most useful as a horizontal phone dock placed on your night stand. The Bloki is as simple as it is brilliant; it’s simply a shaped piece of heavy metal that has a slot for your lightning cable to pass through. Yep, that’s it. It holds your iPhone in a perfectly horizontal position and enables you to use your phone as a bedside clock and alarm. Of course there is nothing to stop you from using this on your desk or coffee table or anywhere else you want to position your phone on it’s side.

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The real power of the Bloki stand is when you pair it with a useful app. They recommend the Alarm Clock App and during my use of the Bloki with this app I can honestly say that my need for a conventional alarm clock no longer exists. I work a pretty crazy schedule doing work in information technology and marketing. Having the ability to schedule my alarm clock at any time during the day is nice and I no longer have to worry about forgetting to set it for whatever time the next work day demands that I wake up.

I wish there was more to say about this great little stand, but as I said before it’s power is how simple of a device it is. This would make a great stand for anyone wishing to convert their iPhone 6 into a permanent bedside alarm clock. Bloki also has model available for iPhone 5/5S.

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