Blockhead allows you charge your MacBook more places.

Even though Apple just announced the next generation of MacBook Pros, which feature a no-brick power adapter design, a lot of people, like myself, won’t be upgrading just yet. Because of that, I’m stuck hauling my bulky old power cable with brick. I’ve always admired the breakaway design of the mag safe connector on the Apple power adapter. But, don’t like the way the brick sticks out (or up) of an outlet. I’ve had it fall out so much that I have permanently attached the extension cord just so I don’t have to worry about the cable being knocked out of socket. There are limited options when it comes to accessories for the MacBook Pro power adapter, but one of them is called Blockhead.

Blockhead Side-facing Plug REVIEW

Blockhead from Ten One Design gives users and option to charge their laptop in more places. It’s a simple side-facing plug that slips over the top of the AC connector on the brick so that instead of having the standard ‘duckhead’ AC adapter, which causes the brick to stick straight out, you get a power adapter for your laptop that sits flush and flat against the wall. As a result, your power adapter doesn’t get knocked off the wall and you can also save space. Blockhead is somewhat universal and you can use it with all MacBook chargers and the 10W, 12W, and 29W iPad chargers. Blockhead is actually 65% slimmer than the standard AC adapter.

Blockhead Side-facing Plug REVIEW

I’ve really enjoyed using Blockhead. It has changed my thinking about where I can charge and i really comes in handy when shipping. The packaging the adapter comes in is minimal, but effective and the adapter itself feels a lot like the native Apple one. The one that I received seemed to have a few manufacturing ‘rough edges’ and could be smoothed out a bit, but it didn’t effect the Blockhead’s functionality.

Blockhead is a great accessory for any MacBook Pro or iPad user. It’s a great option for charging in tight spots and an ingenious add-on for Apple products.

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