Block Ads and Protect Your Privacy With a Bear

BlockBear iOS App Review 3TunnelBear is a great VPN service that works with iOS and OS X to allow you to have simple, private, free access to the internet. Their service encrypts your connection and provides you with an anonymous IP to protect your privacy while you are online. This is a great tool when you are on a public access WiFi because your system is vulnerable to attacks. The great team over at TunnelBear has recently launched their new app for iOS called BlockBear. It’s a content blocker that allows users of iOS devices to block advertisements popups and scripts. This also provides security to your mobile system.
By adding a content blocker to your iPhone or iPad you can de-clutter websites by blocking ads, which in turn causes most sites to load 3-5X faster than you would normally experience. This feature now available through iOS 9 will prevent social buttons and other online trackers from being able to track you, and you can even WhiteList websites you want to support like us here at

Within days of the release of iOS 9, the App Store is getting flooded with content blocking apps. The only hard thing about installing one is to get one you trust. I’ve been using the VPN service from TunnelBear for a few years now and I trust their ability to design a wonderful app that does what it says. (Checkout our TunnelBear review here)

BlockBear iOS App Review 4Some of the features of BlockBear include:

  • Blocks ads (popups, text ads, banners) and removes website clutter
  • Loads many websites faster saving time and bandwidth
  • Protects your privacy from widespread online tracking (cookies, beacons, scripts, etc)
  • Lets you choose to block any combination of ads, online tracking and social buttons with a simple switch
  • Helps you to conveniently whitelist your favourite websites from within Safari using the BlockBear Safari extension
  • Includes 100% more bears than competing ad blockers

I can recommend BlockBear because of its incredible ease of use and its affordability. For more information, visit

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