Blob Climber has enjoyable story with challenging gameplay.

Blob1I remember one of the first times I played the original Mario Bros. on Nintendo. I found it difficult and didn’t feel like I was progressing very far as a result. This is something that I’ve seen throughout my life when it comes to games – difficult games can be a turn-off to some people. That’s actually how I’ve found Blob Climber.

Blob Climber is a quirky little vertical climbing game that takes you through a retro-looking laboratory as you as the blob try to escape. Blob Climber gives players 60 levels of flat-shaded graphics with elaborate touchscreen controls. The main character, Blob, is trying to escape from this laboratory that is nestled beneath a volcano. Lava is only one of the many hazards you face as you attempt to move Blob through each level.

“Climbing is always fun in a video game. Doing so as a self-aware blob with incredible powers is even better. Blob Climber may have a flat-shaded, retro feel—but the gameplay really pushes the limits of what can be done with modern touchscreens. Swipe, tap, and hold to survive. Ascend through 60 floors to get Blob to safety!” said Bruce Fournier – Founder, Good Goblin Games.

Blob3The controls for Blob are as follows:

  • Swipe to jump off walls and ceilings
  • Tap to reach far off ledges with Blob’s stretchable arm
  • Hold down two fingers to become invincible

Gameplay is fairly intuitive, but I found the game controls to be somewhat unresponsive. I would swipe across the screen expecting Blob to hop across an obstacle, but the gravity of the game pulled him down sooner than anticipated. I would love to see a future update where the controls are a bit easier to use and the physics of the game don’t hold the player back.

Some of the key features of Blob Climber include:

  • 60 random floors with 20+ obstacles and traps
  • Story Mode for those who prefer a more linear challenge
  • 3 alternative gameplay modes: bounceTASTIC, jetTASTIC, and ENDLESS!
  • Detailed flat-shaded graphics with a retro vibe
  • Driving electronic soundtrack and fun sound effects

Blob2It’s an interesting little game and not like anything I’ve seen on iOS to date. Even though I found it a bit too difficult for my personal taste, I did like the creative concept and the storyline. It’s intriguing and not like other characters I’ve seen before. If you enjoy a challenge, download Blob Climber. It’s free to download and play (first 20 levels) from the iTunes App Store and can be ad-free with one in-app purchase of $1.99. That purchase also unlocks all 60 floors (levels) in the game.

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Good Goblin Games

Good Goblin Games

Good Goblin Games

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