Blink iOS generates flawless, effortless affiliate codes.

Blink iOS App Review 2The old concept of online advertising has evolved into so much more than banner ads. Many websites have taken to non-traditional forms of income that can be incorporated right into their articles. Affiliate programs provide a small commission to partners that provide links to certain products or apps within their body of work – most likely a news or reviews website. Perhaps one of the most popular affiliate programs available is the one offered by Apple for iTunes. If you have a blog or website (social media doesn’t count), you can apply to become an affiliate partner of the iTunes Affiliate Program. When you are approved, you will be assigned a code that is designated as yours. It helps to track any sales that were made from your website. The beauty of this type of incoming revenue is that there is no added cost to buyer. If an app costs $1.99 in iTunes, it’s going to cost $1.99 if a buyer clicks on your affiliate link.

Now that I’ve sort of given the run down of how the iTunes affiliate program works, let me tell you about my experience with it. We are a partner of the affiliate program for iTunes and any link you see for an app, movie, music, eBook, or other iTunes related purchase helps us keep MacSources running with commission sales when people buy from our links. It’s been a wonderful option for us because we don’t want to see our site get cluttered with a bunch of banner or pop-ups ads. The only hassle is when it comes to generating the codes for the apps. Apple has a web-based system built for partners to use, but it can be a pain getting in and out of it at times. Plus, if you are wanting to send out a quick Tweet about an app you just tried, and want to include a link, you really can’t do it efficiently – unless you have Blink.

Blink (Better Affiliate Links) for iOS was developed by Squibner as a means of creating affiliate links on the fly. The process is actually very, very simple. First you, you go into Settings in the app and add your affiliate token (code). That’s really all the set-up you have to do, but there are some additional options you can use to customize your links. For example, you can create campaign tokens if you wish. After the set-up is complete, all you do is search for an app, create a link, copy it to your clipboard, and then paste it where you would like it to go. Using Blink to set-up your affiliate codes is really convenient and a huge time-saver.

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Blink also recognizes different types of store links and converts them into affiliate links. You can paste any compatible link (,,,,,,, appstore, com, into Blink’s search box and a link with your affiliate token will be generated.

Blink for iOS is an amazing app for anyone using the Apple iTunes Affiliate Program. This is such a well-built app that I don’t want to get links from my Mac anymore when writing reviews. The app makes the entire process so much simpler.

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