Save 20% in-store and online on Coffee and iKettle

Smarter, one of the fastest growing UK connected home companies, exclusively launched its Smarter Coffee 2nd Generation and iKettle 3rd Generation in North America with consumer electronics retailer Best Buy in September. Now, consumers will be able to snag the deal-of-the-year on these must-have smart kitchen appliances at Best Buy stores and during the Black Friday, Cyber Monday holiday shopping frenzy. At savings of over 20%, Smarter Coffee will be specially priced at $199.99 (regularly $249.99 MSRP) and iKettle at $119.99 (regularly $149.99 MSRP).

The Wi-Fi connected Smarter Coffee goes beyond basic coffee pot time settings that can be programmed to brew in the morning. Smarter Coffee allows users to control brewing via a smartphone among other convenient features. Using the Smarter app, coffee lovers can fresh grind and brew coffee from anywhere, as well as adjusting brew strength, temperature and quantity. Alarms can be set using the Smarter app to have coffee brewed in the morning using Wake-up Mode. Home Mode can be enabled to trigger Smarter Coffee to start brewing after a morning workout or an evening commute – the possibilities are endless.

For days when opening an app is too much work before having a cup of coffee, a voice command to Amazon’s Alexa can also start Smarter Coffee brewing. Other smart home devices may also be connected to Smarter products. By creating applets using automation service IFTTT (If This Then That) users can integrate Smarter Coffee with a variety of other smart home devices – Google Home, Philips Hue Lights so kitchen lights turn on when coffee starts brewing, Nest Cam so coffee starts brewing when someone enters the kitchen at a certain time of day, and many more.

iKettle enables users to remote boil water from anywhere using the Smarter app. The app can also be used to adjust temperature, schedule Wake Up Mode so that water is always hot first thing in the morning, or Home Mode for the return home in the evening. Water can be kept warm in iKettle on standby at the desired temperature for up to 40 minutes.
And remaining water levels can be monitored via the Smarter app at any time.

In addition to being useful for heating water for tea, instant coffee or oatmeal, iKettle can be a lifesaver for parents waking up for middle of the night feedings. When it is time for a bottle, iKettle can be turned on without mom or dad having to set foot in the kitchen and an alert will be sent when the water reaches the ideal temperature. No more guessing by splashing milk on the wrist to see if the bottle is too warm or too cold. In addition to its unique standalone features, iKettle can also be integrated using IFTTT with other connected smart home products.

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