Securely erase files, folders, application traces, and more with BitRaser.

Around this time of year, I start thinking of ways to remove clutter from my world. That doesn’t always mean physical clutter. It can also refer to digital clutter and getting unwanted files off of my computer. When you delete or erase files and applications from your system, it can sometimes leave unwanted traces behind. These ‘traces’ still take up precious disk space and can be difficult to remove. Thanks to software like BitRaser File Eraser for Mac from Stellar Data Recovery, users can permanently erase files, app traces, and internet history with one simple process. 

BitRaser File Eraser for Mac REVIEW

BitRaser File Eraser for Mac is designed to erase files/folders from laptops, desktops, and external storage media. It will remove all traces left by applications, internet activities, and files. The Windows version of the software supports 17 international erasure standards including DoD 5220.22-M, NATO, and more. BitRaser helps to protect against data theft and safeguards privacy for users. It will generate erasure reports for audit trails and it helps to meet regulatory compliance and international data protection laws. BitRaser File Eraser for Mac is specifically designed to delete files on Mac storage devices. It will securely erase files from MacBooks, iMacs, and Macs as well as external SSDs, HDDs, SD Cards, and USB flash drives. 

BitRaser File Eraser for Mac REVIEW


  • Securely erase sensitive data: The software implements international data erasure standards, leaving no chance of data recovery even with the help of sophisticated data recovery tools and services, including forensics.
  • International Erasure algorithms: BitRaser File Eraser (Mac) features 17 international data erasure standards that you can choose to destroy your sensitive files and information from Mac systems. A few popular erasure standards are US DOD 5220.22-M (3 pass/7 passes), NATO, Russian Standard GOST-R, British HMG IS5, Guttmann (35 passes). 
  • Generates file erasure reports: The file erasure utility generates erasure reports and certificates when files are wiped after searching. The certificate is generated in PDF format that contains details of the erasure task. This certificate helps you meet compliance with data protection regulations such as SOX, GLB, HIPAA, ISO27001, EU-GDPR, PCI-DSS, audits, and international guidelines, including ISO 27001.
  • Automates erasure tasks: The software provides an option to schedule a file erasure task based on specific parameters selected and defined by the user.
  • Securely wipes unused disk space: BitRaser File Eraser (Mac) also helps you to securely wipe only the unoccupied or unused storage space on Mac drive volumes. It overwrites the unallocated storage with random values defined by the selected data erasure algorithm, which makes data recovery nearly impossible.
  • Simple and easy to use: The software installs quickly and helps you accomplish a complex secure file erasure task with just a few clicks. The intuitive design helps you quickly navigate through file erasure options to sanitize sensitive information from Mac internal and external drives.
  • Erases traces of internet activities: The software installs quickly and helps you accomplish a complex secure file erasure task with just a few clicks. The intuitive design helps you quickly navigate through file erasure options to sanitize sensitive information from Mac internal and external drives.
  • Erases sensitive hidden app data: The software efficiently removes every trace of such information from your system beyond the scope of recovery. It supports all leading P2P apps like BitSpirit, MP3Rocket, Ares, Imesh, BearShare, SoulSeak, FrostWire, etc.
BitRaser File Eraser for Mac REVIEW


BitRaser is designed with the user in mind. Its interface is very intuitive and with a few simple clicks, the tasks are completed. First, you select what to erase from the main menu. The options are Files & Folders, Unused Space, Traces, or Search & Erase. Next, you select the files to erase. You can click to highlight individual files that are shown in a list to erase.. Once you have made your selections, you click on ‘erase.’ The application will provide a confirmation window at this point to ensure you have selected the correct file(s) and will ask you to confirm that you want to erase that file. At this point, there is no recovery possible if you choose to erase that file. 

BitRaser File Eraser for Mac REVIEW

I have to admit that I was a little concerned about testing out this software on my main computer. While the interface is indeed intuitive, when it comes to deleting unused disk space, the menu selection makes it seems as though you are deleting all the stored data on the system. It’s just the way the information is displayed and I hope that BitRaser will change the menu display so that it’s more clear about what you are deleting. 

BitRaser File Eraser for Mac REVIEW

In testing the software, I chose to delete Internet traces from Mozilla Firefox. It’s the browser I use the least so if I ended up deleting anything I didn’t intend to, I figured it wouldn’t be a huge loss. As described above, the process is pretty straightforward. You select what you want to delete, confirm you want to delete it and then the software does the rest of the work. After running BitRaser, I opened up Firefox and found that the software was still running smoothly, but there were no traces of history or cookies stored there. 

BitRaser File Eraser for Mac REVIEW


While I like the feel and purpose of BitRaser, it still makes me incredibly nervous to use this type of application. I feel as though the software does its job, but permanently erasing data is a nerve-racking process. I’m eager to use it when I have completely backup my computer and am ready to do a clean-restore of it, but with active files and applications on it, I hesitate to erase anything I might still need. BitRaser File Eraser for Mac is available for $39 at the time of this article being published (regular price $49). There is a free trial available. 

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