BIGFOX Q 4K TV Box fulfills all media needs.

I am an Apple a fanatic when it comes to anything and everything they develop. This includes the Apple TV.  I have a few different versions and enjoy them all to some degree. For a while, they suited my every need, but after a while, I grew disappointed about not having all of the streaming devices on my set-top TV box. Naturally, I did a little shopping around and decided on Roku to help fill the void that I had in my TV viewing life. Once again, this solution only lasted so long. I needed more options – more options for viewing television and more options for applications. Where should I go from here? I needed something that would let me expand the storage space and add extra peripheral devices easily.

The BIGFOX Q 4K Tv Box walked into my life. From the get go, I was apprehensive seeing as the operating system is Android Kit Kat (4.4), but I tried to keep an open mind and just let it stand on its own merits. I was still a little biased when I started, but I dived right in.

Right out of the box, I could tell that it was going to be an easy install. You just connect the power cord to an outlet and an HDMI cord, which surprisingly was included, to your TV. That little extra got me pretty good.


Small little gestures like that really make me have confidence in the products I’m using. Now, I’m pretty familiar with basic Android operation so connecting it to the wireless network is pretty easy. I went into the settings and set up my Bluetooth headphones as well. The only real struggle with the initial set up was using the remote  control. So after a few frustrating moments of trying to put in all the characters for my passwords and what not, I switched to using a wireless mouse and keyboard to complete the setup. I was actually impressed with the menu because it honestly looks like a movie introduction. It’s so high quality and appealing.

One of the big selling points of the BIGFOX Q 4K TV Box is the 4K output which after looking up a few devices and watching some videos ,I could definitely tell the difference between just a standard high definition TV box and the 4K output.

Once set up completely and signed into my brand-new Google Play account, I went ahead and  played around with the base apps that were already installed. My favorite app was  Showbox right off the bat. One of my biggest issues before hooking up the BIGFOX Q was not able to play MKV format videos on my PlayStation or other media players. After hooking my external hard drive that contained several MKV video files, I soon learned that the BIGFOX Q can handle various video formats, so I tried a wide range of all the other formats I had access to and soon realized that it would handle anything I threw at it. There is a slot on the side for SD cards for video music or whatever files you might want to browse on there.


Unlike a lot of other media players on the market right now, the BIGFOX Q TV Box gives you two USB slots. Unfortunately, I used both spots fairly quickly – one for the wireless keyboard and mouse and one for an external hard drive. I did find that hooking up a four-port USB hub and then hooking up multiple hard drives still worked perfectly and that  saved me the hassle of switching back and forth.

Even though it’s an Android operating system with access to the Google Play store I really didn’t need to download any other apps to enjoy the TV box – just a few of the basics like Pandora and Hulu. I tried to get the absolute most out of my TV viewing, so I use a bunch of different services and with Apple TV and my PlayStation 4, I can’t download and use all of my apps so I’ve been switching back-and-forth in between one or the other. With the TV box, I have it all right there my fingertips.

While it does run Kodi, the former XBox media player, with the availability to download multiple apps for that as well, I found it useful but I probably won’t use it to its full potential. It’s simple to use and navigate around enough but I like to keep things simple and basic. Using the included remote control while operating KODI is very frustrating, but the wireless mouse and keyboard make quick work of that.


The actual hardware in the box is pretty impressive. The four-core processor means you can run multiple apps smoothly while not having to close apps out constantly. This frees up some frustration that you get with similar products on the market. Opening new apps is very quick, once again beating out multiple competitors.

With strong enough hardware, an easy to use interface, and the ability to download almost any app, BIGFOX Q TV Box has fulfilled my entertainment needs fully. I do feel a slight twinge of guilt giving high praise to anything Android-based, but I will give it credit where it is due. Now, what to do with an extra Apple TV box and Roku? That’s the real question.