BeWeather is the best weather app around.

BeWeather iOS App Review 3One of the first apps I ever looked for was a weather app. Because unfortunately, Apple has just never really integrated all the essential weather features like maps or detailed forecasts into their iOS ecosystem, but there are a lot of third party apps available that do. For a long time, I used free weather apps like The Weather Channel and I made due with those until I discovered how much more the paid apps had to offer. I’ve tried many weather apps on iOS and some are great, but others lack some major features. One app I’ve been watching for quite some time is BeWeather by Bellshare, Inc.

I always thought BeWeather was a strong app, but before I decided to make the purchase of yet another weather app, I wanted to make sure it had support for both the Apple Watch and the Today view widget. I can happily say that it’s got both and it’s an amazing app. It gives you current, local weather forecasts no matter where you are.

When you get started, you’ll want to be sure to enable Location Services so that you can get the most out of BeWeather. You can add multiple locations and switch between them quite easily. You can always see each location’s temperature and if a city has a severe weather alert, a colored tab appears to the left of the city name to indicate so. As an added bonus, the local time appears along with the city name.

I really love that you can see all the major weather details on one screen. The immediate information – temperature, wind speed/direction, and current conditions are at the top of the screen. Then the weather map is shown. This is expandable just by swiping down on the screen. You have the option to view different types of maps (standard, hybrid, satellite) along with an overlay (radar, Sat IR, or Sat Vis). Plus, you can turn on Storm Tracks to see the direction of a particular storm, or the Hurricane view, which isn’t something essential to me since I live in the Midwest.

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Below the map window is the precipitation gauge, hourly forecast, 7-day forecast, and detailed daily forecast. This main view is fairly intuitive and easy to navigate. You can also collapse or expand certain parts of the details. For example, with the detailed daily forecast, you can look at the current day or read through each of the next seven days’ details. BeWeather even gives you the option to Share Weather, view Nearby Weather Stations, or view Webcams that are apart of the Weather Underground network.

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BeWeather is the best all-inclusive weather app I’ve seen. First of all, it incorporates weather data, maps, forecasts, and alerts into one brilliantly designed app system. BeWeather pulls data from Weather Underground and its huge network of personal weather stations so that you get the most accurate picture of what the weather is doing all around you. BeWeather also pulls in forecast information from Forecasts, the makers of the Dark Sky weather app so that you have real-time precipitation reports.

BeWeather iOS App Review 2One big feature that really sets BeWeather apart from other iOS weather apps is that it’s fully customizable. From turning off certain parts of the app to the design of the background color and icons, you can control it all. For example, I have different icons used for my Today View screen, Apple Watch, and iPhone app.

If your looking for an app that covers everything, this is the one. As I mentioned above, it is designed for iPhone, iPad, and the Apple Watch. It is actually a native watch app and was designed from the ground up for speed and efficiency. Plus, there are built-in complications that allow you to have weather reports right on the the face of your watch.

I’ve never had a more complete, precise weather app for my iOS devices and I’m very excited about what BeWeather has to offer.

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