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It’s mid-January and I’m sure that many people out there have finally used their Christmas money to purchase Apple products and are now looking for ways to spend those iTunes Gift Cards. I would like to suggest looking into the section of the app store called “Better Together.”

Better Together features apps that connect Mac, iPhone and iPad via iCloud, syncing or pairing. A few of our favorites are featured here – Evernote, Tweetbot and 1Password as well as some Apple standard apps like iPhoto, Aperture, and the iWork suite.

If you are looking for new apps to connect your iDevices with your Mac, I would start with the App Store. This category gives some great ideas.

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Another good place to start is the “New Year, New You” category. There are four sections within this category – Your Body, Your Mind, Your Money, Your Time – which include apps that are designed to assist your personal journey in those areas. There are similar apps available within the mobile App Store. One of my favorite apps in this section is the Day One app. It is an app that reminds you to make a daily journal. I believe this action – writing in a journal – can have an effect on all the areas in this category.

If you aren’t sure what apps you want to start with, start browsing with these predetermined categories by Apple.