Are you a tech-savvy teenager and want to improve your skills? Read the post and examine the top tech educational websites for students on the Internet. 

The world changes rapidly, and it’s impossible to imagine modern life without different gadgets. In the information age, even kids know how to use smartphones and browse the Internet. 

There is no surprise that a lot of teenagers adore tech and want to know more about modern technology. If you’re a student who wants to learn new skills, explore the top online platforms’ selection that teaches programming languages, and provide information about hardware and global network.


It is a well-known website with video-courses on different subjects. Roughly, 9 million users visit this website monthly. It is a great place to make the first steps into software development if you have zero background. 

Explore the Codeacedemy website and find a video-course that matches your interests. You can start learning HTML/CSS, Python, Java, SQL, C++, and other programming languages here. After enrolling in a video-course, you can learn new skills at your own pace. It is a great advantage for students who have a busy schedule.

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It is an international platform that was founded by a computer science professor at Stanford. With more than 70 million monthly visits, it provides full-cycle education for students online. The main perk of this platform is that it collaborates with more than 200 educational institutions and companies countrywide. 

Exploring the website, you can find video-lessons from Google, IBM, Stanford, Penn State, etc. Moreover, the platform provides the ability to earn a certificate or a degree online. All their certificates are shareable. 

Industry-recognized credentials will 100% help you get a great job after graduation. There are almost 4, 000 courses and specializations. Therefore, you will find lessons that match your major.

It is an online platform that offers a large variety of online courses. These guys aim to share knowledge for free. Despite this fact, the library of lessons available on this website impresses. The fact that almost 5 million students reach this website monthly is a great sign. 

If you want to boost your technical expertise, you can choose among the following categories on this website: Hardware, Software, Core IT skills, Databases, Data Science, Network and Security, Mobile apps, etc. 

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It is a leading educational platform on the Internet. The number of monthly visits impress. Roughly 120 million people reach this website every month to share their skills and learn something new. 

There are thousands of video courses on IT and software. Each video-course has a users’ rating and reviews from other students, which helps examine its reliability. 

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Do you want to master your tech skills in using Microsoft products? Browse courses from this company at this platform and learn more about Windows, Visual Studio, Skype, Azure, SQL Server, and Office software.

After finding a course that fits your needs and requirements, the platform offers the ability to pick a country and find a certified partner who provides education in your country. Therefore, you can learn new skills in your native language with no hassle. 


Is it Important to Learn Technology?

Well, the answer to this question is obvious. Nowadays, technologies are implemented in almost every niche. Exploring job opportunities it reveals that tech proficiency is the basic requirement for a lot of positions.

If you want to overcome competitors and get a well-paid job after graduation, do not hesitate to learn technology even if it’s not related to your major.