Many of today’s best podcasts aren’t listed on the Apple Podcasts app but they are hosted on iOS-enabled platforms. That means that you can access the podcasts on any Apple device. Some platforms cater specifically to iPhones and iPads while others are compatible   with both iOS and Android operating systems.

What are some of the best 2021 podcasts for online casino South Africa players and other listeners who want to access audio content via iOS devices?

Radio Public

Radio Public is a platform that hosts a wide variety of informative and newsworthy podcasts. Podcasts hosted by the Radio Public platform can be downloaded for later listening or live- streamed. The platform makes it easy for listeners to discover new podcasts through easy search tools and access the material with just a tap on the “play” button. It’s a great way to discover new podcasters and listen to their content.

No social log-in or account registration is required. The podcast librarians are constantly featuring new podcasts in order to allow listeners to explore new directions. Some of the most popular Radio Public podcasts include podcasts on education, history, sports, humor, crime, entertainment, culture, current events and much more. Everything is free for the listener.

Player FM

If you choose Player FM you’ll be able to manage and play your podcasts on the web, your phone or your watch device via Player FM’s multiplatform podcast app.  They have over 20 million podcast episodes that are organized in a content library that is updated multiple times daily with recommendations from the Player FM team of trending shows. There are over 500 niche categories and streamlines user experience across video and audio content.

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is free to use, though there’s a paid subscription plan as well. Pocket Casts has seen a lot of revisions and changes over the last few years and ended up with one of the most user-friendly podcast platforms out there.

For one thing, you can pause a podcast that you’ve been listening to on your mobile and then pick it up right where you left off on your PC or watch device whenever you want. You can also play a podcast without subscribing – a convenience to many who can get what they need without an immediate commitment.

Episode search, via the search box that sits on the top of every episode list on every podcast’s page, is extremely easy to enable you to revisit an installment or locate an archived show.


Castbox is one of the newest podcast platforms but its itinerary of features is impressive. In addition to being on iOS and Android they also have an Apple Watch, CarPlay and Amazon Echo Skill support. Castbox is enabled in multiple languages and features curated podcast recommendations and in-audio deep search to customize the listening experience along with curated podcast recommendations.

Castbox focuses on keeping the audio shows interactive so that creators and influencers can engage with listeners in real-time. Through Castbox’s Livecast creators can broadcast on public or private channels that support live audio chat for unlimited numbers of listeners and up to 8 simultaneous speakers.

One or more hosts accept listener calls with questions, stories and opinions, and then provide answers and feedback. There’s an in-room messaging tool which allows audience members to interact with the hosts during the podcast and take a more active role in the discussion.

There are also options for hosts to auto-record their Livecast shows which can then be uploaded as standalone podcast episodes. Hosts can learn how to improve their future Livecasts through access to Castbox’s metrics tools.

Users can monetize their content and brand by the Livecast virtual gifting mechanism. Listeners can purchase in-app currency to send to hosts to support the podcasts.


If you just need a good laugh, check out the Laughable podcast platform which focuses on comedy. You can subscribe directly to the podcasts of thousands of comedians as well as journalists, athletes, musicians, actors, politicians and others for additional genres of content.

The Laughable Artist Graph displays how audiences overlap for top podcasters and comedians so you can  compare the type of content that you are searching for with what Laughable has to offer.


Spotify used to be the center of music content but now you can find many podcasts on the platform as well. Their curated podcast selection includes podcasts that are featured on other companies’ platforms. Once you open a Spotify account you can add postcasts to the Your Library section of apps. You can group all followed postcasts together for easier organization. Your Library will list them automatically by date, with the latest episode displaying first.

Tips for Finding Podcasts

If you haven’t been listening to podcasts but are interested in trying, go to any of these platforms and type in the genre that interests you. Some platforms specialize in specific genres while others host all kinds of content.

If you find a podcast that you like, look to see if the podcaster has a website. S/he may suggest other similar podcasts for you to try.

Ask your friends/social media contacts for suggestions of podcasts that they enjoy.

Don’t forget that, regardless of the type of content that you prefer, new podcasts are coming out all the time. Newsletters like Hot Pod and Podcast the Newsletter will keep you up to date on the latest podcasts.