Online gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry that attracts new players every day and expands across multiple platforms. However, given its accessibility and the ability to play almost anywhere, mobile games remain near the top of the list of favorite ways to game. 

Despite its convenience and ease of use for players of all experience levels, online gaming comes with a few downsides like slow speed or other tech issues. Many times, the mobile device is to blame. 

Whether you’re starting to learn about online casino games or have an ongoing multiplayer game going with friends, these top mobile devices will enhance your gaming experience. 

iPhone 12 Pro Max: Best for iPhone Lovers

Maybe you’re due for an upgrade, or you’ve been weighing the pros and cons of getting a new iPhone. If a top-notch gaming device is on your list and you’re already familiar with iPhones, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is a win-win.

Not only does it have some of the well-loved features like camera and choose your own storage. So while the iPhone 12 is more of an investment than some of the other best mobile devices for online gaming, it’s an excellent option for its versatility.

While some online gamers complain about the slow refresh rate and low storage, keep in mind you can upgrade your storage to avoid having to delete any of your favorite downloads. If you already subscribe to Apple Arcade, it seems only fair that you give yourself the gift of a smartphone that can handle all your gaming wants and needs.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus: Best for Android Users

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus is more or less the Android equivalent of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Not only is it a top pick for mobile gaming but it has plenty of sought after features to make it an all-around solid choice. 

Enjoy ultra-realistic graphics on the 120Hz AMOLED display without worrying about whether or not you’ll experience lag and slow speeds. One downside is battery drain while playing, but if you plan ahead and keep your Samsung fully charged, you can spend plenty of time gaming.

OnePlus 8: Best for Only Gaming

Looking for an affordable second smartphone that you primarily use for mobile gaming? While many of today’s top-of-the-line smartphones are designed to support mobile gaming and other everyday tasks, some online gamers want a device that’s strictly for gaming.

OnePlus 8 offers a decent refresh rate of 90Hz, and the Dolby Atmos audio is perfect for the days when you don’t want to feel confined to your earbuds. Like many gaming devices, the battery life is one of the downsides but one upside to consider is if you only use the OnePlus for gaming, 4,300 mAh is a decent amount of play time before charging.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7: Best Overall Tablet

If you prefer to game on a larger screen without lugging around your laptop, a tablet is an excellent choice. While iPads are big contenders, they’re a bigger investment. Microsoft Surface Pro 7 has some of the best features of everything. 

Not only does it have longer battery power, but it loads quickly and is compatible with a keyboard and mouse (if that’s your preferred way to game). If you’re looking for a tablet that you can grab and go without worrying about charging, the Surface Pro 7 lasts for about 10 hours on a full charge and charges quickly.

A Few Things To Consider When Searching For the Best Mobile Gaming Device

Every mobile gamer has a variety of needs and preferences. If you only spend an hour or two a week playing online games, your current smartphone may have everything you need to enjoy a game of poker or a multiplayer game with friends.

Depending on how often you game, and the type of games you like to play, it’s important to consider features like refresh rate, battery life, screen size, and resolution. Whatever device you choose, make sure it has features to enhance and improve your gaming experience.