Recently I drove to my local Best Buy to buy an Apple Time Capsule to replace my Airport Extreme I recently sold. The store had plenty in stock, however I purchased one that was on sale for $30 off as an open box item. Once at home and connected to my cable modem and network I started to run the airport utility on my Mac when I noticed the hard drive had someone elses name on it. Upon further investigation – it became apparent that the person that returned the time capsule never had their data wiped off of it. Best Buy just put it back on the floor. This is scary I read about cases all the time where Best Buy did not clean someones data off a drive, TV, and now Time Capsule. With a TV some people may have credit cards stored for online purchases, as the Time Capsule is concerned there was a complete backup where the owner Nathan had everything backed up via time machine. I’m a computer tech who focuses on security, so the first thing I did was wipe the Time Capsule. What I should have done was contact the gentleman named Nathan and let him know that Best Buy decided he was not worth the time there geek squad workers would have needed to take to clean this drive. I’m sure he would have loved to contact someone at our local store and ask WTF. I can say after seeing first hand that best buy does not care about your data or safety.