The ultimate in sophisticated desk organization for your Apple accessories.

I’ve always had an affinity for organization. One of my favorite games to play when I was younger was classroom because it meant I could organize office supplies. Because of this fascination with finding a place for everything, I also really like to collect products that help you organize – like the BentoStack. The BentoStack is a compact, stackable organizer made specifically for Apple Accessories. So for someone like me – an Apple user who is always on the go – it’s a great idea to stay organized.


BentoStack is a product designed for travel and workspace organization. It’s made from heavy-duty plastic with silicone used to make the straps. Each BentoStack includes 4 adjustable compartment dividers and 2 silicone straps for closure stability. The standard size of the BentoStack includes a bottom compartment designed to accommodate Apple’s wall plugs found in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, China, and Thailand. There is second design for the BentoStack that fits the European style plugs. The dimensions of the BentoStack are 7.4 x 3.7 x 3.3 inches. It comes in three different colors — Space Gray, Silver, and Rose Gold.

BentoStack Apple Accessory Organizer REVIEW

BentoStack has six main parts:

1. Silicone Strap
2. Cover
3. Top Lid
4. Top Compartment
5. Bottom Lid
6. Bottom Compartment

The Top section is shallower (1.65”) than the Bottom section (1.97”). Each of the lids is structured to hold specific Apple accessories (Apple Watch straps and Apple Pencil) in place while the compartments are flexible and can be organized how you would like. Each section can accommodate 3-5 Apple accessories and the Apple Pencil lid can also act as an iPhone stand.

BentoStack Apple Accessory Organizer REVIEW


As a lifelong organizer of things, I was really excited to try out the BentoStack. I was first intrigued by its name, which obviously takes inspiration from Japanese cuisine. In Japan, a single-portion take-out meal is called Bento. In my locale, Japanese restaurants package a lunchtime/dinner meal as a Bento Box. The Bento is designed to hold rice or noodles, a protein, vegetables, and sometimes an additional side in a convenient, sectioned box. It’s organized food. So, when I heard about the BentoStack, I was immediately reminded of this popular take-out style meal that is properly portioned and organized. I wasn’t disappointed when I received it. Each section of the BentoStack is meticulously measured to fit Apple accessories exactly. I tried a few permutations of how to arrange my things in the box, but finally settled on the following arrangement:

Top Compartment: 2-meter USB-C cable (for MacBook Pro), Lightning cable, Lightning/Headphone Jack adapter.

Bottom Compartment: 10W USB Power Adapter, Apple AirPods in its charging case with Catalyst protective case, 61W USB-C Power adapter for MacBook Pro.

BentoStack Apple Accessory Organizer REVIEW

It was very easy to organize these items into their new home and it really only took me about 5 minutes to settle on an arrangement that seemed to work best. The only issue I really had was getting the lids and compartments to nest after the accessories were placed in them. The 2-meter USB-C charging cable is a little bulky and it would work best in the Bottom Compartment but the AirPods and USB charging brick could only fit in the Bottom. Since the BentoStack is held closed with silicone straps, I finally relinquished my battle and decided to let the strap do its job.

BentoStack Apple Accessory Organizer REVIEW


Since I love to keep accessories organized and minimalize desk clutter, the BentoStack is kind of the ideal product for me. It packs well (in a suitcase or carry-on) for travel but I think it’s best suited for desk-duty. I love the simple design and really like that Function 101 (the product developer) decided to use a silicone strap instead of a hinge system like you would find on a tackle box. The BentoStack does sort of remind me of a Caboodle for Apple users. It’s convenient, portable, and sophisticated.

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