Saving my eyes with no light reflections

When it comes to space on my desk I am super picky about what stays and what goes. I think clutter causes the mind to wonder and overall stops productivity, well at least in my case. Because of this, I have found that most desk lamps I’ve tried have ended up in other parts of the house. So when I saw that BENQ had designed a light that rests on your monitor I was very intrigued by how well it would splash light on my desk without putting a glare on the screen.


The BenQ e-Reading LED Task Lamp is designed to clip directly onto monitors by using a patented clip design. This mechanism ensures that you do not need any tape or screws. It offers zero reflective glare off the screen and has an auto-dimming feature available by a built-in ambient light sensor. The light source is a dual color LED with a > 80 color rendering index. It operates through the use of a Micro USB connection and requires 5V for power input through USB. The light is built out of aluminum alloy and polycarbonate materials. It only weighs 0.53kg and has a touch sensor manual controls (hue adjustment, manual dimmer, auto dimmer, and power button).

BenQ Light

Using this LED lamp can help to reduce eye strain while you work. Research shows that staring at a screen can cause eye irritation, but if you have sufficient lighting, it can reduce that strain. Plus with a quality LED light source, you can ensure proper eye care as well. The BenQ light is compliant with IEEE PAR1789 regulation of flicker in LED lighting and it has been deemed free of blue light.


Illuminance 800 Lux in the center (height 45cm)
Luminuous Flux 320lm
Color Temperature 2700~6500K
Power Consumption 5W (max.)
Dimension 45cm x 9.0cm x 9.2cm


The BenQ ScreenBar e-Reading Lamp comes in a long, lightly branded box. It has a graphic wrap with an inner cardboard carton where the light is housed. There are a few instructions printed on the back of the box regarding installation along with some QR Codes that direct you to the user manual and instructional video.

BenQ Light

When operating the light you will find it to be quite simple. With only four buttons and them being nicely spaced you won’t find yourself mistakenly hitting the wrong one. The lamp produces a good deal of light. I really love how well it lights up my desk space and that it’s powered by a USB cable. That makes it easy for me because I can power it directly from my monitor, which is means that I have less cable clutter than if I had to plug it into the wall. I also love the simplicity of the clamp, which is how the light attaches to the monitor.


Whether I am playing games, writing for MacSources, or editing photos the BENQ ScreenBar e-Reading lamp has been the perfect companion. I don’t think I would have been able to find a better option when it came to desk lighting. BENQ makes some awesome products and this one is just that, awesome.

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