Smart technology is being introduced into a variety of sources.  Benjilock announces that they are the world’s first fingerprint Padlock.

CES 2017Every January for the past 50 years, millions of people converge on Clark County, Nevada.  More specifically, Las Vegas becomes a ruling ant hill of techies looking for the latest and greatest tech.  This year, they had an extra media day, prior to the show.  During one of the media day events, CES Unveiled 2017, I was introduced to a company benjilock, the world first, secures, hybrid padlock.  This is a Los Angeles-based startup that strives to add smart technology into the padlock.  Winning a CES 2017 honoree Innovation award, benjilock promises to be the first fingerprint accessible padlock.  However, a quick internet search reveals another in the industry Tapplock, which is present in an IndieGoGo campaign. I was able to meet members of the team and to discuss the lock. Unfortunately, the company did not have a working device.  They brought a prototype to CES, one that was not operational.  The device was resting inside of a pedestal/glass display box.  I had asked the team to feel and hold the device.  The white base of the padlock is very eye-catching and the logo is appealing.  I gripped the metal of the lock and pulled upwards and accidentally separated the two halves.  This is where they told me that this was a prototype/nonfunctional device.  I apologized and then they noted that it was okay, it was glued in place.

The tech sounds amazing and the lock feels robust.  Again, they note that they are the world’s first traditional rechargeable padlock, utilizing fingerprint technology.  Touting a rechargeable battery that can last a full year, can store four separate/individual fingerprints and stores these on an included chip.  The device measures 4.03″ tall by 1″ wide by 2.80″ long and weighs 18 ounces.    The shackle is noted to be a born alloy and is thick enough that simple bolt cutters will not access this lock.  It has a built-in rechargeable Li-Po battery with a forward facing fingerprint sensor, similar to that seen on the Google Pixel.  I am very pleased with the fingerprint scanner and was excited to see that it was not glass. The reason, you cannot simply place a piece of clear plastic over your finger and access the smudged glass fingerprint scanner.  I wish I was able to test the device, and I look forward to seeing what benjilock can do.  I was able to talk to the team about a few ideas.  First, I would consider putting the fingerprint scanner onto the back of the device as this is asking for someone to try to mess with it.  Secondly, moving the sensor to the back of the device will allow for a more eye catching logo on the front of the lock

BenjiLockLater this year (current release unknown, suspected Q3 2017), you will be able to purchase this lock for $79.99 in sky white, jet black, stainless still, copper and brass.  You will get a charging cable, a set of keys and of course you were born with another set of keys for the device, your finger.  If you have problems with the sensor, if the battery runs out or if someone else needs to access the lock (not one of the 4 saved fingerprints), you can utilize the keys to unlock the device.  Mr. Cabral noted that if the device is tampered with, the fingerprints will be wiped from the machine and will require keys to unlock.  I look forward to what Robbie Cabral (Founder and CEO), Brach Cabral (COO), Alex King (Art Director) and Henning Zieger (Product Developer) have to offer.

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