Sound Level Meter is a good tool for podcasters.

A few years ago in my younger free-spirited early twenties a lot of my friends were musicians. Some were better than others, but they all had the dream to make it big someday. The one thing they all had in common was the lack of necessary equipment and space. One particular friend comes to mind. The talent that oozed out of his fingers onto a guitar and out of his mouth was amazing. Such raw talent that needed refining. Sitting in the living room with a laptop and a voice batting microphone, the recording sounded terrible with all of the background noise.

Benetech Sound Level Meter REVIEW

Between the furnace kicking on and off, a fan in another room, dogs barking and cars driving down the road, it was like we were using a child’s toy. Shortly after this we contacted a friend who lived eight hours away and that had a spare bedroom that he turned into a makeshift recording studio. So after a fun 8 Hour road trip with friends and then a couple intense days of recording we still had somewhat of the same issue. All the ambient background noises and a matter what we did we couldn’t get rid of them and they couldn’t pinpoint them. We did listen for the basic things like appliances and tried at night so the background outside noises didn’t make it into the recording.

Benetech Sound Level Meter REVIEW

Benetech’s Sound Level Meter would have saved us so much hassle and searching. The meter is small and handheld and simple to operate. The large display saves you from straining to read the meter. Set up was simple. Pop in three AAA batteries and press the power/backlight power button and you are reading the decibels around you. With a range of 30 to 130 dBA you can pinpoint most things. I wouldn’t take the meter to the race track. It will display OVER meaning it’s out of the range. One of the handy features is the hold button. While walking around, the meter will jump up and down quite a bit and watching the display record your results is troublesome. With the hold button you just tap it when you want to take a reading and it will keep the results for you to record.

Musicians aren’t the only ones to benefit from Benetech’s Sound Level Meter. This is a handy tool for podcasters and all other audiophiles.

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