QODE is a sleek, slim keyboard case for the iPad Air 2.

On any given day, I spend about 90% of my waking hours behind a computer screen. I have a standard 8-5 job during the day and at night I write product reviews. For this type of lifestyle, you really have to have good equipment that doesn’t wear my eyes out. Because of this, I do enjoy using my iPad for my writing activities occasional. That said, typing with the on-screen keyboard can become cumbersome after doing it for so long. So, for years, I have been searching for the ideal keyboard case to accompany my tablet. I’ve had good luck with Belkin products in the past so I decided to check out the Belkin QODE iPad Keyboard Case.

Belkin QODE iPad Keyboard Case REVIEW Be More Productive

The QODE iPad Keyboard Case is designed to be super slim and only weighs 370 grams – which is less than the iPad Air 2, which weighs in at 437 grams. The case has two main parts to it – the keyboard and the protective case that wraps around the iPad. The two parts are joined at the hip and act like an Apple Smart Case does. The case is protective for the iPad and it also serves as a tool for productivity.

The QODE case has a magnetic closure that activates the sleep/wake function of the iPad and it’s adjustable with two main viewing angles for typing. The iPad locks into place on the keyboard with the use of magnets as well. What really cools about this keyboard case is that when you set the iPad into a viewing mode and lock it into place, the magnets activate the Smart Sensing technology and Autowake function of the keyboard. This helps to improve battery life.

Belkin QODE iPad Keyboard Case REVIEW Be More Productive

One of the most important features of a keyboard case, in my opinion, is its responsiveness. There are many keyboards that have a stutter because they don’t have a strong Bluetooth connection to the iPad. I’m happy to say that I’ve been very impressed with the QODE’s typing abilities. The keys are evenly spaced – I don’t find myself hitting the ENTER key when I shouldn’t – and very responsive. The only complaint I have is that the apostrophe doesn’t seem to be working. The key itself does because it types all the other character mapped to it, but not the apostrophe. When I was testing out the keyboard and typing a few reviews, I became very grateful that autocorrect was available and caught most of the errors.

Belkin QODE iPad Keyboard Case REVIEW Be More Productive

Keyboard cases are tricky accessories. On the one hand, they are very useful especially if you need to be mobile, but on the other hand, if you aren’t careful, you can end up with one that makes your iPad bulky and unmanageable. Fortunately, Belkin designed QODE with the specific purpose of being the perfect iPad Air 2 accessory.

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