PowerHouse dock provides a substantial, space saving dual charging solution for Apple products.

Belkin has been one of my go-to companies for charging docks for many years. Their products are always well made and they really stand the test of time. Several years ago, I acquired a simple charging dock for my iPhone 5 at the time. It was one of the only docks that had an integrated Lightning cable and it was compact but solidly built. I have used that dock through multiple iPhones and it was only recently that I switched to a different charging option for my phone. This is why I decided to look to the company for a dual charging option for my iPhone and Apple Watch.

There are many options out there now for charging the pair of mobile devices from Apple. A lot of third-party companies have come out of the woodwork to deliver tastefully simple charging devices that work, but just leave something to be desired. I’ve tried out quite a few of these docks and have not been overly impressed by them. One of the main features that tends to leave a bad taste in my mouth is the lack of integration with the Apple Watch charging cable. This is not the fault of these companies as Apple has the exclusivity to produce that particular charging adapter. However, the routing of that cable is quite a bear in many charging docks. Fortunately, Belkin is a trusted partner of Apple and just like with my old iPhone charging dock, they have created a gorgeous dual charging system for the Apple Watch and iPhone.

The PowerHouse Charge Dock for Apple Watch and iPhone is the ultimate charging solution for your Apple mobile devices. PowerHouse is the name given to Belkin’s line of charging products and the Apple Watch and iPhone dock is the latest addition to that product family. The dock is following suit behind the release of the Watch Valet Charge Dock for the Apple Watch and the Charge Dock for Apple Watch and iPhone. Both options from Belkin had integrated charging pucks. The Belkin docks for the Apple Watch are the only ones in the market that have the power adapter preinstalled. All other docks require you to provide your own.

BELKIN PowerHouse Charge Dock for Apple Watch and iPhone REVIEW

Space Saver
You may ask yourself, “Why is the integrated charging cable so important?” Well, I can tell you from my experience, the biggest PLUS this provides is that it makes the dock a true space saver in your office or home. Having tried multiple charging options for my multiple mobile devices, I can tell you from experience it can be hell trying to fit all the individual charging bricks into the power strip you are desperately trying to hide behind your desk. It can also be a bear trying to hide the cables coming out of the charging dock. Some docks do provide a cable management system, but that still means you have inches or even feet of cable that you are stuffing inside of a dock. The PowerHouse dock has the power options built-in and you have one single cable coming out from the dock to plug into the wall. The charging brick is substantial, but it affords you the option to swap out regional power adapters if you are an international traveler (not included).

The PowerHouse dock also saves valuable desktop space. Instead of having two separate docks on my desk or nightstand, I can now have one, streamlined charging dock for all my power needs. It really does simplify the process. You have simultaneous charging for both your iPhone and watch. And, while it’s not exactly designed for NightStand charging mode for the watch, you can easily make that happen by sliding the band behind a charging iPhone.

BELKIN PowerHouse Charge Dock for Apple Watch and iPhone REVIEW

Universal for the iPhone
One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to charging docks for the iPhone is that they don’t all work when you house your phone inside a case. That’s why I liked my older Belkin Lightning dock. It had an open design that allowed for the evolution of not only the iPhone body style but also cases that accessorize it. Belkin retained this design feature for the PowerHouse dock and kept it flexible for users. The dock features a built-in adjustable VersaCase Lightning connector for the phone, which allows you to charge your phone even if it has a protective case on it. This connector also keeps the dock universal because it makes it possible to use any of the Lightning capable iPhones with the dock.

A Solid Accessory
The Belkin PowerHouse Charge Dock for Apple Watch and iPhone is the most solidly built dock I’ve ever encountered. Its base is weighted so that the dock doesn’t tip over and the supports for the mobile devices are very sturdy. A solid build is one of the main things I look for when a charging dock – especially for my Apple Watch. There are a lot of docks and stands for the watch that are just flimsy and they fall over easily. This causes undue damage to the watch and I prefer to keep my devices pristine. I was pleasantly surprised when I lifted the dock out of the box. Its weight is impressive (just over 1 pound) and really adds that little something more when you compare it to other docks.

BELKIN PowerHouse Charge Dock for Apple Watch and iPhone REVIEW

Belkin has really done a nice job designing this dock. Not only is it a wonderful space saving, solid accessory, but it also looks good. It’s adorned with white and gray accents and has smooth, clean lines to its design. This is exactly the type of accessory I want to be paired with my Apple products and I’m so glad that such a premium product is designed so well.

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