Repeater exceeds expectations.

Photo_1We are living in a data age, an age with data caps and the need to manage both wifi and cellular data. Have you ever opened your cell phone bill to find that you used more data than your plan allowed and were faced with overage fines? I typically will only use my smartphone as a phone, when away from my home, to prevent the possibility of using more than my allocated data. I rely on my home WiFi network most frequently, when I need to use the internet.

8F81A7D2-B3F8-4337-B88B-215056EC2D4C-L0-001-30This entire adventure began due to the layout of my house and the location of my computer room. It is located on one side of my house and the living room on the other. I installed a Netgear N600 Router in the office and began using my WiFi network. As I began adding devices (smart tv, Xboxes 360 and One and phones), I started noticing issues with loss of signal, being unable to stream video, or play online games. So, I started researching for a way to troubleshoot my network. I downloaded a “WiFi analyzer” app for my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone to check the signal strength throughout my house. This is easy to do and shows areas of signal weakness. After walking around the house with the analyzer, it became very apparent that my router didn’t have the strength to give me adequate coverage for the entire house. After additional research, I decided to look for a range extender to add to my system. I wanted a reasonably priced extender with good reviews and turned to Amazon. My research led me to decide upon the Belkin N300 Dual Band Wireless N Range Extender. I went to my local Best Buy, price matched the Amazon price to avoid waiting for shipping.

0C04667E-ED41-49AF-9792-65B26900345F-L0-001-26The device was actually quite simple to install. Additionally, the manual was easy to understand and straightforward. I just had to plug the range extender into a wall outlet in my living room. I chose to then plug in my laptop via Ethernet cable. However, you can use any Wi-Fi device (Laptop, tablet, etc). Next follow the prompts and the device is set up. This took a total of a few minutes. The installation was easy and painless. Next, move the device where you get the best signal. I now receive full coverage in regions where coverage was previously weak and was surprised to find out that I now have coverage over my entire home and 1/2 acre property. Also there is a little blue LED which can conveniently act as a nightlight.

I have had the Belkin N300 for over 6 months now without any problems. The connection is good, it does lose connection from time to time, but so does my wireless router. The device has risen above my expectations and I would give it a 5 out of 5 stars for ease of use/setup, compact size and dependability. There are more expensive range extenders, but this has done everything I have asked of it and more. Please consider this device for your network needs, it has served me well.

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