A great option for consistent temperature when you sleep.

I’ve always had a problem with climate control when it comes to sleeping. I can never seem to get to the ideal temperature for me to be comfortable. In the past few months, I’ve had even more trouble as I have been working through the first trimester of my first pregnancy. My body temperature seems to change at will and sleeping can be unbearable at times. Fortunately, BedJet V2 came along to help me keep my body comfortable throughout the night.


BedJet V2 is best described as a personal HVAC system for your bed. It’s designed to create a temperature controlled environment inside your bed to optimize your quality of sleep. The system consists of the BedJet unit, tubing, a remote, and a companion app for control of the device. In addition to controlling the temperature of your bed, BedJet will also eliminate body moisture and sweat from the bed. BedJet uses a quiet stream of air to cool or heat your bed (and you) while you sleep. The BedJet can be installed on any size bed and any type of mattress within just a few minutes and when paired with the AirComfort Cloud Sheet (AirComforter), you increase your coverage to the entire bed. The comforter has tiny holes in the side of the sheet that touches your body and so the air is distributed across your bed effortlessly.

BedJet V2 Climate Control System REVIEW


Even though many people may not know of BedJet, I had a previous knowledge about it because my fiance has had a BedJet on his side of the bed for about a year now. I’ve secretly been jealous of it because he had control over the temperature on his side and I was stuck with a tiny table fan to cool me off.

When the BedJet arrives, you will notice that you have some assembly to go through before you can use it. Even though it looks like a lot of parts it’s a very easy process to get it up and running. The main unit slides under your bed and is plugged into power. You attached the air house, which is very similar to ductwork. It is covered with fabric so as to fit in with your bedroom motif. Once the air hose is attached, you will add on the air nozzle. This nozzle will be the part that either connects into the AirComforter or sticks underneath your blankets. The air hose is held onto your bed using a plastic mattress mount.

BedJet V2 Climate Control System REVIEW

The BedJet’s air nozzle is designed to with or without the AirComforter. I’ve actually been using it both ways. One of the things that end up throwing me when it comes to sleep is cold feet. The rest of me can be 100% fine, but if my feet are cold, so is the rest of me. I can’t seem to get warm until my feet are. For that reason alone, the BedJet is a fantastic investment for me. I can turn on the Turbo Heat setting and blast my feet with 104º hot air for 5 minutes. It makes them nice and toasty and I’m comfortable enough to fall asleep again. The problem I have is keeping my side of the bed a constant temperature. If I warm my feet up and the rest of me gets too hot, I will then turn on the cooling function, which causes my feet to get cold again. It’s really a vicious cycle. The problem tends to be remedied with the use of the AirComforter because it disperses the air a lot more evenly than just the air nozzle itself. With just the air nozzle, you get concentrated air in one place.

BedJet V2 Climate Control System REVIEW

I really enjoy the operation of the BedJet because it’s so simple. There is a free companion app that works as a remote for the BedJet unit or you can use the actual remote control. Once you select the cool or heat setting, you can then increase or decrease the air flow by tapping the +/- buttons. It seems to increase/decrease by increments of 5%. There is a slight ‘beep’ when you select a command on the remote or the app, but you can actually mute the sounds if you wish. There is also a timer function for the BedJet. The ‘turbo’ setting is only about 5 minutes, but the regular shut off for a standard setting is 10 hours. That amount can be increased by 30-minute increments up to 12 hours (on the cool setting) but pressing the timer button the remote. The app provides more detailed information like a visual timer and the air temperature of the cool or hot air coming from the BedJet. The UI could use some work as it’s not a very flashy app, but it’s functional. I’ve not had any problems with it connecting to the BedJet or communicating commands.

BedJet V2 Climate Control System REVIEW


As much as I love the BedJet and how it can help me sleep, I’m not sure it’s the end all be all for my particular situation. When it comes down to it, you still have to control it manually. For example, I may be comfortable temperature-wise when I fall asleep and then wake up burning up. At that point, I can switch the BedJet on, but I’d prefer to be able to stay asleep because the temperature of the bed has remained constant. That said, I think this is a really great product. It’s easy to use and it gives couples the chance to be able to keep their side of the bed the temperature they want.

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