BEDJET is where the sleep magic happens

Smart pillows, bedding, wearables, and sleep machines all have their place but if the climate and temperature aren’t just right you’re not going to fall asleep or sleep well. I’ve been in this uncomfortable boat for quite some time. I grew up sleeping with a fan pointed at me when I slept. It took some time for me to realize that the headaches I had in the morning were caused by the cool air pointed right at me. I’ve tried everything to get my environment the ideal temperature for a good night’s sleep — ceiling fans, air conditioners, heaters, portable heaters, and even heated blankets — but nothing seems to work. This is where the BEDJET comes into play.

BEDJET Climate Comfort System REVIEW

BEDJET is a climate comfort system designed to create a temperature controlled sleeping environment. It doesn’t require anything special like mattress pads, mattress toppers, wires or tubes to sleep on to work. The system consists of the BEDJET unit, which lives under your bed, the tubing that rests underneath your covers, and all the connecting pieces. There is a remote control and an accompanying app that help to enhance your experience as you can connect to your BEDJET and find the optimal temperature for your bed. The BEDJET is also designed to eliminate body moisture and sweat from the bed. BEDJET was designed with the troubled sleeper in mind. The engineers behind BEDJET thought about all the hot sleepers, night sweats, evening hot flashes, cold feet and legs, cold winter sheet shock, and memory foam mattresses that trap heat out there and they created this modern marvel of sleep technology.

BEDJET Climate Comfort System REVIEW

As a seen on Shark Tank product, BEDJET uses a quiet stream of air to cool or warm you while you sleep. It’s a revolutionary idea that brings central a/c and heat right to your bed without disturbing anyone else in the household. When I first heard of the BEDJET I knew this would be a winner for me. Unfortunately, all five Sharks from Shark Tank turned the BEDJET down, but the failure was theirs since the product is absolutely amazing and it boasted quadruple their sales within 18 months of the show’s airing.

BEDJET Climate Comfort System REVIEW

So, when the BEDJET arrived on my doorstep, I was as giddy as a five-year-old on Christmas morning. I quickly unboxed it and read the instructions for installation and set to work. Surprisingly enough, it’s a very simple process from box to operation. The main unit slides under your bed and gets hooked up to power. Then, you attach the air hose, which is a lot like flexible ductwork only fabric covered, and run it up the side of your bed. There is a plastic mattress mount that slides under your mattress to secure the air hose. At the tip of the hose is the air nozzle, which kind of reminds me of an upholstery tool for a vacuum, only bigger. Once you have everything connected, you turn the base unit to the ‘on’ position. If you have a dual zone switch, it is recommended that you set it to the LOW power setting so you don’t exceed AC circuit amp capacity.

BEDJET Climate Comfort System REVIEW

When our BEDJET first arrived, we did not have the AirComforter Sheet Accessory in-hand. So, we moved forward with the assembly and tried out the BEDJET one night without the sheet. Our bed is king sized so my fiancé really couldn’t feel any of the air because my feet and legs ended up blocking most of it. The next day, our sheet arrived so we remade the bed with it in place. It’s designed with air chambers to allow the air flow to disperse evenly through the bedding rather than get trapped by any one person. So, the sheet accessory should be the first item on the bed. After that, you can dress the bed normally. The AirComforter made SUCH A DIFFERENCE! At 100% air flow, we could both feel the cool air floating through the covers. In fact, it inflated the bed like a hot air balloon. The air was so cool that my fiancé had to wear socks that night because it caused her feet to get cold.

BEDJET Climate Comfort System REVIEW

We have since struck a nice balance of the air flow setting so that I’m comfortable and she’s not freezing. Even though BEDJET’s instructions state that you can dress your bed normally after adding the AirComforter, we did notice that if you put too many covers on, you decrease your chances of feeling the air from the BEDJET.

Since it’s summer time right now, I’ve been using the Cool setting quite frequently, but I do have to confess that a few times I’ve climbed into bed and turned on the heat for a few minutes. I suffer from an old knee injury and the warm air tends to relax my aching muscles when the pressure in nature causes them to tighten up. I can recommend the heat setting for therapy-type issues like this.

BEDJET Climate Comfort System REVIEW BEDJET Climate Comfort System REVIEW

The operation of the BEDJET is very simple. I mostly use the remote while my fiancé defaults to the app. With the remote, you can turn on the cool or heat setting by tapping the appropriate button. Then you can increase or decrease the air flow by tapping the +/- buttons. I believe it increases/decreases by increments of 5%. There is a slight ‘beep’ when you complete any command on the remote and if you don’t like that, you can mute the sounds. In addition to the standard on/off functions, you can also change the timer. The auto shut off is automatically set for 10 hours, but you can increase this amount by 30-minute increments up to 12 hours (on the cool setting) by pressing the timer button on the remote.

BEDJET Climate Comfort System REVIEW

As cool as the functions are on the remote, it’s really nice that the companion app gives a little more information. When I have the air flow turned low, sometimes it’s hard to tell when the BEDJET has kicked on. The app shows the actual timer, the alarm, the air temperature (of the cool or hot air coming from the BEDJET), and the air flow percentage. You can also set up to 3 presets in the app. Even though the app looks a little archaic, it works better than some fancier apps do. We’ve honestly not had any issues connecting to the BEDJET or controlling it through the app.

BEDJET Climate Comfort System REVIEW BEDJET Climate Comfort System REVIEW BEDJET Climate Comfort System REVIEW

The BEDJET has been an absolute dream come true. Because of it, I’ve been able to fall asleep easier and am much more well-rested when I wake. Even though it is a bit expensive, if you are like me and have trouble sleeping due to climate control issues, the BEDJET is an invaluable investment in your health and well-being.


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