Beddit helps to track your sleep patterns and health with simple device and iOS app.

I believe that one of the most intriguing parts of our overall health as humans is our sleep cycle. It really is amazing how much sleep can matter when it comes to thinking clearly, overcoming illness, or even effecting our moods. Until recently, we didn’t really have a way of tracking our quality of sleep; we only knew how much we were getting (or not getting) each night. Over the past year, product designers have been incorporating sleep trackers into our fitness wearables so that we know what type of sleep we are getting. The track our movements through a vast array of built-in sensors, but we are required to wear them in order to get a picture of our sleeping health. Personally, I find that a bit intrusive of my overall comfort when I sleep so I am glad that there is Beddit.

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Beddit is a sleep tracking system that measures ballistocardiography (BCG). During the night, an ultra-thin force sensor measures sleepers night time activity – unobtrusively, without any wearable sensors. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been able to try out Beddit and have found it to be quite effortless on my part. Installation was very easy. Beddit is essentially a long, adhesive strap that you lay across your bed. It sticks to the top of your mattress and then, you dress your bed as usual. Beddit connects to an iOS app wirelessly to report measurements from the sensors while you sleep. All you have to do is tell your Beddit app that you are going to sleep and it does the rest. You can either tap the app manually, or set a predetermined time for bed. In that instance, Beddit knows when you are going to bed because your iPhone is within range of the device.

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Once you have told Beddit your going to sleep, the strap detects your heartbeats, breathing and movements throughout the night. Algorithms in Beddit recognize your resting heart rate and respiratory rate as sleep. When you have events – like night time waking, or rising from bed – Beddit notices that as a time when you aren’t getting rest. It significantly affects your quality of sleep. Beddit keeps track of all the events – solid, deep sleep as well as non-sleep – and then stores that data within HealthKit or just the Beddit app depending on your preference.

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The iOS app is very easy to use and I’ve been very happy with it. The app will show you a sleep score every day and help you develop a target for improving your sleeping conditions. The app even works with the Apple Watch to show you your sleep score.

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Beddit has been very helpful to me by providing vital information on my sleep cycles. If you have problems with sleep like I do this device will give you a few more tools to battle the sleep demon. It’s unobtrusive  I really love connected gadgets like this. They really help to develop a solid picture why your health is the way it is.

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