Learn why you sleep well — or not — with Beddit 3.

Sleep is an important piece to your overall health puzzle. According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, ongoing sleep deficiency can raise your risk for some chronic health problems. It also can affect how well you think, react, work, learn, and get along with others. As someone who constantly battles with ongoing sleep deficiency, I can tell you that all of these problems have plagued me at one time or another. My sleeping issues really spawn from my chronic pain problems. Fortunately, I’ve recently added an exceptional device to my pain relief protocol — the Quell Wearable Pain Relief device — that helps me to rest better at night since my pain is being subdued. With that in mind, I couldn’t think of a better time to upgrade my sleep tracking system to the Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker.

BEDDIT 3 Sleep Tracker

A little over a year ago, I reviewed the Beddit Sleep Tracker. Sleep tracking as a concept was still a new element that people were starting to track their health. Most people use a fitness tracker to help track this type of health data, but sometimes you don’t want to wear one overnight or you have to recharge it. That’s where Beddit really helps. The sensor strip is placed on top of your mattress just beneath your top sheet. You plug it into power and then connect it via Bluetooth to your iOS or Android device. Beddit tracks data such as:

  • Sleep – quality and quantity
  • Heart Rate – indicator of health, fitness, and stress
  • Breathing – number of breaths per minute
  • Snoring – indicator of poor sleep quality
  • Environment – Optimize your bedroom environment
BEDDIT 3 Sleep Tracker BEDDIT 3 Sleep Tracker BEDDIT 3 Sleep Tracker

With Beddit 3 you get personal insights about your sleep and how to try and improve it. The notes section gives you the option to track what happens during the day and night so that you know how it affects your sleep. Beddit will analyze your notes against your sleep quality and provide trends to see what works best and help you to create good sleeping habits. For example — let’s say you did a lot of yard work in the early evening before your dinner. You got cleaned up, had dinner, and watched TV before bed. Your body would likely be sore and this can affect your sleep quality. All of those factors would be taken into account against how you sleep that night.

BEDDIT 3 Sleep Tracker

So, how does Beddit 3 compare to the original? Well, in simple terms, it works better. The original Beddit did its job well, but the upgraded model just seems to track sleeping events more accurately and the app updates are miraculous. You can actually ‘see’ when you are restless as the trending bars move up and down while it records data. The hardware itself has a wonderful upgrade as well. Beddit 3 is more ‘robust’ and is completed encased in a fabric sleeve whereas the previous version had a thick plastic bar on the end that connected the power cord to the sensor strip.

Another thing that was replaced was the adhesive that held the strip in place. Now the underside of the sensor strip has a non-skid pattern on it that helps to hold it in place. This is quite a nice improvement over the original design because over time the adhesive would ball up and leave an awful mess on the mattress. Beddit 3 also adds in a capacitive touch sensor which instantly starts and stops measurement when you enter the bed. This upgraded version also has environment sensors to measure temperature and humidity. As a first generation Quell user, I can definitely see where upgraded devices can really make the difference.

BEDDIT 3 Sleep Tracker

The Beddit 3 is comfortable to sleep on — I actually don’t notice it at all — and I feel as though it’s giving me an accurate picture of my sleeping activities so that I can take steps to improve my overall health when I’m awake. I much prefer a method like this to a wearable device for sleep tracking. Because of its ease of use and well-managed hardware and software, I think Beddit is at the top of its class for sleep trackers. It is compatible with HealthKit and all the data can be transferred to the iOS Health App, too.

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